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The Ardosia Conflict, later known as the First Ardosia Conflict was a war on the planet Ardosia between the Human settlers of the planet and the planet's original inhabitants. The governor of the colony led the settlers, while the traditional chieftain of the natives led his people.

The Beginning

It all has to start somewhere.
Akak Shouja after learning how the war began

The war began in the winter of 89 ABY when a power station in one of the colonists' outlying outposts malfunctioned and exploded. When news of the explosion reached the governor, he immediately ordered a genocide of the native villages surrounding the colony against his military advisors' counsel. The militia was called out and three villages of natives were slaughtered and burned to the ground. The few survivors that escaped retreated to the other villages and warned them of the attacks, so when the militia reached these outlying villages, they found the buildings deserted and booby-trapped.

The militia was ordered to complete a complete sweep of the area to wipe out any survivors that hung around, but the attack was turned by native ambushes and guerrilla warfare, combined with traps the natives had quickly constructed.

The Battle of Pel'nar Field

The Battle of Pel'nar Field was the first major skirmish in the Ardosian conflict. It happened in 98 ABY, nine years after the start of the war, and just after Akak Shouja had arrived from the Core Worlds to take command of the militia. The new commander was tasked with meeting the natives in the large Pel'nar Field, about fifty miles from the colony itself, where the natives had been found setting up a temporary camp.

Akak organized his three hundred troops into three divisions, which were to attack in a pincer movement from the east, west, and north, which pinned the natives against the Pel'nar Sea. The natives held off the first two waves of attacks, losing nearly three quarters of the men there before the colonists broke through, only to discover that the elders, women, and children of the colony had escaped by sea to join a brother tribe on the south continent.

The First Battle of Traisk

After the Battle of Pel'nar Field, most of the natives left the continent and went into hiding on the north and south continents. A few, however, stayed behind with the chieftain and raided the outlying villages of the colonists, destroying several of the outposts. During this time the colonists switched from using energy shields as their preferred armor to suits of heavy armor. Battle slowed in 112 ABY, then stopped altogether at the beginning of 113 ABY.

This feeling of safety did not last long. The natives returned with a vengeance when the Chieftain led his men into the very colony of Traisk, the main settlement of the colonists, and captured Akak and six of the other military strategists of the militia. They executed the six leaders but kept Akak around for long enough for the mercenary to learn enough of their language to communicate. The natives, who were not naturally prone to conflict, freed Akak and sent him back to the colony with a message of peace.

The message was ignored and Akak was imprisoned, which brought on the Second Battle of Traisk.

The Second Battle of Traisk

The Second Battle of Traisk was instigated by the settlers after they imprisoned the only man who had taken the time to work with the natives instead of merely kill them. The natives raided Traisk during the second week of Akak's captivity, and with the mercenary's help were able to raid the weapon storehouses and get Akak's equipment and resupply their depleted weapons. They also stole nearly a hundred blasters, each with many extra power packs, causing the colony to search out their energy shields, many of which had fallen into disrepair.

The battle ended after the natives escaped the colony, bringing Akak with them.

The Third Battle of Traisk

The Third Battle of Traisk was not actually fought inside the city, but outside of it. The natives laid siege to the city for nearly a week, inflicting major damage on the outer structures of the city and draining the resources of the colonists significantly. This siege announced the first change in tactics of the Ardosian natives, the first major result of Akak's joining them.

The Fourth Battle of Traisk

The Fourth Battle of Traisk was the final battle in the Ardosia Conflict. It was, in accordance to the other battles in the conflict, relatively small and would not have been worthy of notice had Akak not taken a team of seven Ardosian natives in Ardosian shadow armor to infiltrate the governor's house and assassinate him. Once the deed was completed, the attack ceased and the deed was not discovered until morning.

The war ended with the discovery of the governor's dead body; the colonists sent an unarmed representative to negotiate peace, which lasted for nearly a year.

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