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Ardos was a planet in the Outer Rim Territories. By 981 BBY, it was a member world of the Elyurius Empire.


For at least a decade prior to 981 BBY, Ardos had tense relations with neighboring Ondos. Believing that Ondos was planning to launch an attack against Ardos, the Ardosians captured the planet's princess and held her hostage in exchange for the disestablishment of the Ondos planetary militia.[1]

Although the Elyurius Empire attempted to solve the crisis, they were unable to do so and requested the help of the New Jedi Order. A Jedi and Imperial strike team infiltrated an Ardosian facility, and Jedi Knight Jhon Cordatus rescued the princess. In the process, however, the facility exploded, killing hundreds of nearby civilians.[1]

Ardos believed that the explosion and the resulting deaths were a deliberate attack by Ondos, so Ardos declared war with the neighboring world. The Empire intervened and ended the war, although an Ardosian soldier was able to kill Ondos's princess by slitting her throat.[1]



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