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This is a galaxy full of people with different goals and different beliefs. No single belief or goal is the right one. There is no wrong one. Just as there are as many beliefs, there are truths.―Arch'elie'lia[src]

Arch'elie'lia, known by her core name as Heliel, was the twin sister of Sith Lord Darth Vendis and younger sister of Arch'avo'cnuruodo. The Chiss inherited the title of Witch of Endor after Bellatrix La Rouge died. She served as Chiss Director of CAIN and later Grand Imperator of the Chiss Ascendancy after Kodo'ran'nuruodo resigned, though when Derro'an'nuruodo retired, she returned to directing CAIN.



Arch'elie'lia was born on Csilla alongside her brother Arch'aza'cnuruodo. However, they spent a good portion of their time on Arch. There, they were raised in academics and their Force Sensitivity enforced. Eventually, both children were sent to train with the Immortal Order. Over the next year, they honed their abilities, surviving the perils of Ilum's Xaphan Citadel.

Though both children were apt in the Force, Hazac was stronger than his sister. As such, he continued full training with the Immortal Order. However, Heliel found her strengths in manipulation and diplomacy, and was recruited into the Chiss Ascendancy Intelligence Network.

Life as a spy

Espionage and intelligence gathering were Heliel's strengths. Even at a teenager, she infiltrated organizations and compounds with fellow agents. Her skills were infamous. For a time, it went to her head. However, in a mission with Esc'alli'elia, they got into deep trouble and nearly died, had Mar'ber'tel not saved them.

From that point on, she was cautious. Her facade never changed, but her insight grew. As did her family, when they adopted a son: Arch'avo'cnuruodo. While Havoc and Hazac never got along well, Heliel and her new brother bonded quickly. They worked together to climb ranks and popularity.

The Human Ascendancy

Midway through her twenties, a terrorist group began to hit the Chiss Ascendancy. It called itself the Human Ascendancy and was led by Regina Balde. CAIN picked off bits and pieces, but Balde kept rebuilding her strength. Eventually, Balde was spotted at Adegan, a colony on Ilum. CAIN's director sought confirmation, so Heliel was sent.

Via Sol'yc Bes'bev, Heliel infiltrated Adegan pretending to be a Mandalorian named Cuyir who was attending the Festival of Stars. With the help of Imperial Knight Aemon Vane, Balde was captured and the Human Ascendancy collapsed on itself.

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