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Think of it as a cross between Rhen Var and Kashyyyk; with a bit of Dantooine around the equator.
Captain Artenon to Nym while en route to Arborfrost during the organizational period of the Naboo Protectorate.

Arborfrost was a cold, arboreal planet in the Arbol system. Part of the Arbol Campaign took place here, including the Battle of Arborfrost.


During the Jedi Civil War and the years following, Vandros and Valdras Artenon, Jedi siblings whom had fought in the Mandalorian Wars, operated a Jedi Enclave in the northern equatorial region of Caxapa Valley. The two fled the Enclave when it was destroyed by Darth Draebok's forces. Years later, Daniel Artenon would discover a Jedi Holocron containing, amongst other information, lessons on the Scherma Lightsabre style.