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Arboreal Shipwrights was a company founded by the Fulgoridian and Arborgani Governments following the Jedi Civil War.



Arboreal Shipwrights was often considered by historians to had been a direct result of the Sith Wars of Exar Kun, the Mandalorian Wars, and the Jedi Civil Wars. The wars had devastated the Arbol System, whose planets at the time lacked a navy and sought a policy of isolation from the rest of the Galaxy.


Arboreal Shipwrights produced a handful of unique starships, both for defending their own star system, and to sell to willing buyers. Due to various expenses and the company's mid-outer rim location, the ships were rarely seen in the core systems.

  • Nереahrr Jiuhner - Class Starfighter
  • Dracona - Class Light Frigate
  • Fulgoridian Starfighter
  • Fulgoridian Starcruiser
  • Arboreal Shipwrights Cargo Runner

Behind the scenes

"Nepeahrr Jiunher" is derived from the Russian phrase "Передняя линия", whose character's are similar in appearance. "Передняя линия" is Russian for "Front Line" - referring to the use of the fast, durable fighter on the "Front Lines" of naval battles.


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