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Warning! This page contains MAJOR spoilers from the New Frontier trilogy. Caution is advised.

Wait, you WANTED to come here?
Calen Solayr to Anhri Claynes[src]

Aranya was chaparral planet located within the confines of the Unknown Regions, and the only world in the Aranya system. Originally colonized by the then-reigning Galactic Federation of Free Alliances between the return of the Lost Tribe of the Sith and the Sith–Imperial War, the technical dissolution of that government following the latter conflict cut off Aranya from the rest of the galaxy. Without this contact and support, the society on the planet stagnated. Those who had money managed to stay on top, while those who didn't found themselves desperately trying to survive. Plagued by groups of brigands who attacked anyone who passed through the uninhabited parts of the world, Aranya managed to successfully avoid such conflicts as the Second Imperial Civil War and Darth Wredd's insurgency.

It could not, however, avoid the Fauthian devastation, as it was the location of a long-hidden and powerful holocron that was desired by dark side warlord Raixan Fauth and his forces. The opposing Galactic Federation Triumvirate and its underground operations group also deployed a pair of Jedi in order to acquire it, resulting in the planet being invaded, as bastions of civilization seized. The resulting blockade was eventually broken through the efforts of the crew of the starship Kitehawk, and the Fauthian fleet withdrew from the planet, restoring its independence. It is unknown if it was effected by the rest of the war or not, or if it took part in Operation: Homefront like large portions of the rest of the galaxy.

Its most notable resident on the galactic stage was Calen Solayr, a Force-sensitive who would go on to become a Jedi Knight and play a huge role in the conflict.





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