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Arandraea was a mysterious, crystalline planet located in the Totem, a nebula located in the Hydran Cluster. The Mining Guild set up the only research facility, Base Fox. Arandraea is almost entirely covered with exotic, expensive crystal formations that sell for thousands to millions. Often, the minerals mined there end up being sold on the black market. Arandraea's only native species is the Arandraean crystal fox, which lives on the many crystal formations across the surface.[1]

A majority of these formations range in pink to purple, but some of the more rare are hues of blue and red. Arandraea is one of the few planets in the extragalactic region with interests from inside of the galaxy. Another observation that made Arandraea recognizable, aside from its vivid magenta coloration, is the ring system formed from the destruction of the Pakani Moon that orbited close enough to Arandraea for its gravity to destroy it. One major moon still remains.[1]


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