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Anyarad'oneeta, more commonly known as Anyara Doneeta, was a purple-skinned female Twi'lek of the Doneeta Clan.

With her mother having died while giving birth to her, Anyara received only cold-hearted treatment from her father, who blamed her for his wife's death. As a young child of two years, she was found to be Force-sensitive by the Jedi Master Anoon Bondara, and was taken to the Jedi Training Facility on the planet of Bogden 3. She excelled at her training, but by the age of twelve she had yet to be chosen by a Master to be their Padawan. Nonetheless, she was selected by Jedi Master Nejaa Halcyon to be his Padawan. Shortly after this, however, the Clone Wars began, forcing Halcyon into service as a General. With her master embroiled in the galactic-wide conflict, Anyara was sent to the planet of Dantooine to construct her first lightsaber. Following a confrontation with a nest of kinrath, she was successful in finding a crystal for her lightsaber. Arriving back on Coruscant, Anyara learned that her master had gone missing while searching for the rogue Zozridor Slayke. Not believing him to be dead, she organized a rescue mission to retrieve him, and was successful in locating and rescuing him. Throughout her career as a Padawan, Anyara participated in many missions against the Separatist forces, and due to her skill and bravery, was promoted to the rank of Jedi Knight.

The Clone Wars continued for several more years, and Anyara would eventually witness the events of Order 66. Through the careful political maneuvering of Ylenic It'kla, it was believed that Anyara has perished during a battle with the Jensaarai. With the new galactic government believing she was dead, Anyara covertly sought out her sister, whom she has not seen since they were little girls. Eventually finding her, she took up a position as a local trader working within her sister's business, thus continuing to hide from the Empire.


Early life

Born into to the Doneeta Clan on her species' homeworld of Ryloth, Anyarad'oneeta—meaning "Rising Sun" in Ryl—was to be the last child born of her mother, as she died during childbirth. Anyara's father Has, blaming Anyara for the death, cared little for her and instead lumped most of his feelings on Anyara's sister, Tuulaa. Indeed, when Anyara was found to be Force-sensitive by Jedi Master Anoon Bondara in her second year of life, Anyara's father was more than happy to give up his child to the Jedi Order. Taking her from her family, and thus her inheritance, Bondara transferred the young Anyara into the care of Du Mahn at the Jedi Training Facility on Bogden 3.

There she stayed for several years of her life, cared for by the Jedi of the facility, and at the age of six Anyara was entered into the Soaring Hawkbat Clan to be trained in the ways of the Force. Anyara was a quick learner, impressing her teacher Du Mahn to the point that she was transferred to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant by the age of eight where she was put into the Clam Clan for the short time before she would be chosen by a Master. Whilst there, however, she studied under many Masters including Grand Master Yoda and Jedi historian Astaal Vilbum. It was under the latter that, during her perusal of the Jedi Archives, Anyara discovered information on her family. Whilst younglings were usually kept from this information, Vilbum allowed Anyara to continue her searches to see if she would choose her family over the Order once she learned that she was heir to Ryloth Ventures. Despite the large amounts of money involved in the business, this never interested Anyara, although she was interested to know that she had a sister.

Despite her promising training, by the age of twelve Anyara had yet to be selected by a Master to become a Padawan and several Masters thought that she might end up in the Jedi Service Corps. Luck would be on Anyara's side, however, as she was chosen by Jedi Master Nejaa Halcyon when he returned from Corellia during the beginning of the Separatist Crisis. It was perhaps fitting that Halcyon should choose Anyara, as he knew what it was to have a family, having married and had children himself. Though this was unusual for Jedi of his time, Anyara did not find it odd. The two Jedi soon bonded, and Anyara was introduced to Halcyon's family who took several visits to Coruscant from Corellia. A mere two years after Anyara was selected as a Padawan, however, the Clone Wars flared up across the galaxy, forcing Halcyon into service as a Jedi General.

Clone Wars

Whilst neither Anyara nor her Master were present at the Battle of Geonosis, they were hit hard by the deaths of so many Jedi, in particular Lumas Etima who had been one of Halcyon's fellow Corellian Jedi. Rather than leave Etima's body where it lay, Halcyon and Anyara went to the planet Geonosis in order to return it to Corellia. Before they were able to even finish mourning, however, Halcyon was put into service as the undercover scientist Ratri Tane in order to acquire vital Separatist intelligence. During this undercover mission, Anyara stayed with Halcyon's wife Scerra and struck up somewhat of a friendship with his son, Valin. After Halcyon completed his mission, having given the information over to fellow Jedi Aayla Secura and Ylenic It'kla, the two left Corellia to join the Grand Army of the Republic.

Upon seeing the severity of the ever surmounting Clone Wars, however, Halcyon sent Anyara to the Jedi Temple ruins on Dantooine in order for her to construct her first real lightsaber. Whilst on the planet, Anyara let herself be driven by the Force and was eventually led to an ancient Crystal Cave which had lain unused for thousands of years, causing the crystal growths to spread out and become much larger. While following an unseen path laid out by the Force, however, she was led to a nest of kinrath who had clearly been feeding on many local animals, whose remains could be seen scattered nearby. The kinrath soon spotted Anyara, and moved to attack her before she could escape. Acting purely on instinct, Anyara put her hands in out in front of her and was surprised when several of the crystals flew out from the wall, impaling many of the kinrath and killing them instantly. This merely enraged the remaining kinrath, unfortunately, as Anyara had unwittingly killed their matriarch. Before they could reach her, however, part of the cave roof collapsed as the crystals holding it up crumbled, killing the rest of the nest.

Though Anyara was stunned by the destruction, it had clearly been the Force which had led her to the location and so she searched what was left of the cave. While none of the crystals sticking out from the wall felt quite right, when Anyara moved closer to the cave-in she discovered a lone purple crystal sticking out from the remains of a kinrath egg. Taking the crystal as her own felt right, and so Anyara headed out of the caves and back to the Jedi Temple ruins. Though she passed a few members of the local Dantari, when they recognized where she was heading they left her alone. Once back at the ruins, Anyara set about building her lightsaber with help from the materials she had brought in her shuttle. After spending several weeks in deep meditation amongst the ruins, Anyara had successfully built her first lightsaber and so proceeded to leave the planet to rejoin her Master.

When she arrived back on Coruscant and questioned where her Master was, she was met with dire news; Nejaa Halcyon had went missing while he was tracking down the rogue Zozridor Slayke. Knowing that her Master was not dead, Anyara immediately set out on a rescue mission, following Halcyon's last moves. After arriving on Bpfassh, Anyara detected a lower-powered rescue beacon which was coming from the surface of the planet. When she investigated the signal, she found her Master alive and well along with the entirety of the Plooriod Bodkin's crew and a single prisoner, Grudo. After contacting the Jedi Temple on Coruscant to confirm her Master's survival and arrange for a shuttle to bring the crew back home, Anyara landed her shuttle and was reunited with Halcyon. After making sure the crew were rescued, the two Jedi left in the shuttle and headed to their latest assignment; Cyphar.

Republic Intelligence had earlier learned that a new fleet of ships, known as the Storm Fleet, had been created to conquer planets with mass amounts of firepower. Indeed, Cyphar was to be their first target. In a two-pronged attack against the fleet, the Grand Army sent Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi to delay the first mission so that Halcyon and Anyara could get in position with a small Republic fleet to take out what was left. Luckily, Skywalker and Kenobi were able to complete their mission and so when the stragglers of Storm Fleet arrived at Cyphar they were decimated by the forces of Halcyon and Anyara, who spared none of the droid ships. Their victory cost the Republic very little, and helped to restore Halcyon's name among those who had doubted his abilities following the distaster against Slayke.

After this successful mission, Halcyon took some time to visit his family once more on Corellia, again taking Anyara with him. While en route, the two held mock lightsaber duels in order to hone Anyara's growing skills with the weapon. During these bouts, Halcyon questioned Anyara about the trials she went through in order to create the lightsaber. Though he was somewhat confused why the Force would tell her to kill the creatures she dispatched, it was clear to him also that their deaths had been the will of the Force. After a few days of intense lightsaber training, the duo arrived on Corellia where they spent several days both training in the ways of the Force and simply relaxing with Halcyon's family before they were again called away.

Their next assignment would see them stationed on the poisoned world of Atraken which had been involved in an on-going battle since the start of the Clone Wars. As soon as the two arrived on the planet, they were met with destruction; though it seemed that the clone troopers were winning the battle, the ground itself was poisoned by Separatist biochemical agents. Because of this, the primary objectives of Anyara and Halcyon's mission was to rescue the planet's inhabitants so that they could be evacuated on Refugee Relief Movement transport craft. After helping the clone troopers fight off several legions of battle droids, Anyara and Halcyon were only somewhat successful in saving the inhabitants of the planet, with a massive casualty rate of about ninety percent of the planet's population. While this was hailed as a tactical victory for the Republic, both Anyara and her Master saw it as a massive failure, only taking comfort that they had been too late to help the dead inhabitants.

Indeed, Halcyon was so disturbed by the battle that he refused to partake in several further missions, instead choosing to stay on Coruscant and train with Anyara. Despite objecting to the war itself, however, he did train Anyara in the use of several starfighters, as well as adding to her burgeoning Force powers so that Anyara could protect both herself and others in battle. The two stayed on the planet until early in the third year of the war, during which time Anyara learned much of the history of the Jedi Order. It was only when an undefended world was threatened by the Separatists that Halcyon once again chose to take action in the Clone Wars, leading to the Battle of Alderaan.

Though the Separatists had not attacked Alderaan itself, the Trade Federation had gathered several of their warships in the Alderaan system in order to harass any conveys sending aid to the planet, meaning that vital goods could not reach the planet's surface. As such, the Grand Army sent a task force to protect one of the convoy's which were en route to the planet. Anyara and Halcyon, joining this task force, were put under the command of Senior Jedi General Ph'ton, who ordered them to protect the convoy in Delta-7 Aethersprite-class light interceptor's as soon as the flotilla exited hyperspace. In the ensuing battle, Anyara was able to destroy twelve of the enemy starfighters, earning her the title of ace amongst the troops of the Grand Army. Because of the Grand Army's victory, Alderaan was once more a free world and trade was able to resume.


Thanks to this victory, Halcyon was promoted to the rank of Senior Jedi General, and Anyara herself was said to have passed her Jedi Trials, meaning that she was to return to Coruscant to perform the Knighting ceremony. Halcyon, pleased with his Padawan's quick progress to Knighthood, returned to Coruscant with her to attend the Knighting ceremony personally. Soon afterward, however, he was called away by the Grand Army only to be teamed with Anakin Skywalker in order to take back Praesitlyn from the Separatist's. Having been assigned a naval battle group, as well as a force of twenty thousand clone troopers, Halcyon and Skywalker were sure that they would be victorious. Nevertheless, Anyara asked to join her former Master in her first foray as a full Knight in order to help win the battle.

Though given the option of commanding one of the Venator-class Star Destroyers, Anyara instead chose to lead her troops from the front and entered herself into one of the clone V-wing squadrons, in order to make better use of her skills. Despite Anyara's skill in battle, however, the enemy forces were too thick for her to escape unscathed. After taking out several droid starfighters, and damaging many more, Anyara's starfighter was hit badly while she was performing a maneuver close to the stratosphere, forcing her to make an emergency landing on Praesitlyn. Luckily for her, however, she landed near Slayke’s command center and was hastily brought inside while the fires on her starfighter were put out.

After recovering from some minor injuries, Anyara was met by Halcyon and Skywalker, who had flown down to use the command center as their base of operations. As tactics weren't Anyara's strongpoint, as she had never had a command of her own before, she instead chose to work on the damaged V-wing so as to get it flight-ready for the upcoming battle. Though this meant that she missed out on the initial attack, which involved a Halcyon leading a feint while Skywalker led the real attack force, an attack which ended in a massive failure, by the time that Skywalker and Halcyon had planned out their next attack, Anyara had managed to get her starfighter operational with the help of several local technicians. Indeed, this starfighter proved to be rather useful in the next stage of attack as she used its bombing capacity to draw some of the fire away from Skywalker's advance. This also meant, however, that she was close enough to feel when Skywalker gave in to his hatred and rage after the death of Reija Momen. As such, she tried to reach out to him to offer some of her calm; this would prove to be a partial success, but in the end it was Qui-Gon Jinn's spirit who called him back from the dark side temporarily.

Following Skywalker's attack, who managed to deactivate the battle droids, it appeared that the Battle of Praesitlyn was nearing its end and so Anyara flew back to the command center to see if she was needed to clean up any stragglers. It was only then that Pors Tonith's long-awaited reinforcements arrived, springing a surprise attack on the Republic forces. Anyara, not wasting any time, flew her V-wing into the heat of battle where she was joined soon after by Halcyon and Skywalker, both in their Delta-7's. While taking care of several tri-fighter's, Anyara fired a few well-placed proton bomb's into the enemy's capital ships which aided in their destruction. The battle proved to be somewhat short, however, when Skywalker seemingly rammed his customized starfighter, the Azure Angel II, into the Separatist command ship, effectively ending their threat. After cleaning off several more starfighters, Anyara once again joined her former Master on the planet's surface to mourn Skywalker's death. When Skywalker showed up not long after, it was as much a surprise to Anyara as it was to Halcyon, and when he told the duo how he had escaped destruction—by making a hyperspace microjump using the Force—Anyara too was impressed. In between helping the survivor's of the planet, Anyara was present at the wedding of Odie Subu and Erk H'Arman.

Following this battle, Anyara and Halcyon were again recalled to Coruscant, this time by the Jedi Council itself, to be reassigned on a different mission. Not wishing to leave in one of the capital ships, for fear that Praesitlyn would again be attacked, the two returned in their respective starfighters. When they returned to Coruscant, they were met by Halcyon's long-time friend Ylenic It'kla who was to join them on their quest, and the trio were called before the assembled Jedi Council. There, they were informed that the Order had been trying to track down any information they could about a supposed "second Sith" Darth Sidious since the beginning of the Clone Wars, and thus far had been unable to discover much. In order to further their knowledge of the enemy, the Jedi Council were assigning the trio to hunt down any information they could about the Sith. While it was highly unusual for a newly-Knighted Jedi to be assigned such a dangerous task, Anyara's knowledge of the Jedi Archives was though to outweigh her relative inexperience when it came to combat.

The three Jedi immediately set about trying to find any information they could, and soon struck upon a trail which led them to Susevfi in the Suarbi system where they discovered Nikkos Tyris and two other Jedi who were thought to have been killed in a battle on Baltizaar. After discovering that these Jedi, who called themselves "Jensaarai", were using Sith teachings in addition to their Jedi training, Anyara and the two Masters realized that their threat had to be stopped so that their taint could not spread. A furious battle ensued, during which Anyara was pushed to her limits, until two of the Jensaarai were fatally wounded. When Anyara turned to face her Master, however, she noticed Tyris about to decapitate him. Acting on instinct, Anyara thrust her hand forward and managed to push Tyris back, changing the decapitating blow into one that instead sliced across Halcyon's throat. Though he was now mortally wounded, Halcyon was able to thrust his own lightsaber into Tyris's chest meaning that the two would die together.

Anyara, distraught at the injury her former Master and friend had received, rushed over to him to see if there was anything she could do to save him. Upon seeing the wound, however, she realized that he would die within minutes. Not wishing his death to be in vain, Halcyon brought Anyara close and whispered instructions into her ear; the three Jedi were to use their combined Force powers to push the dying Jensaarai into their training base, causing the release of dark side energy from their deaths to collapse the structure and ensure that their teachings could not continue. Though Anyara wished more than anything to save her friend, she agreed to his plan and called It'kla over to inform him what they must do. The two Masters proceeded to channel all of their energy into the Anyara, who once again thrust her hand out and completed Halcyon's plan. Sadly, this last action killed Halcyon who died in Anyara's arms. It'kla, trying to ease Anyara's pain, informed her that her Master would always live on in his memnii, which he then shared with her. While this didn't ease Anyara's mind entirely, she was pleased to learn of her Master's past actions with It'kla through the memnii.

Despite Halcyon's death, the two remaining Jedi understood that they had a duty to complete and so set about contacting the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. While they were in the middle of their report, however, the Jedi who they had been communicating with was struck down by a being outside of the holoprojector's view. Alarmed, the two continued to watch the feed and soon witnessed a member of the 501st Legion step into view while firing his blaster rifle; the Great Jedi Purge had begun.

Great Jedi Purge

Thinking quickly, It'kla finished his report and added Anyara's name to the list of casualties, hoping that the clone troopers would then think she was dead. Deciding that the two should split up, so that one would not be found in the event that the clone troopers came after the other, It'kla told Anyara of his name for her—Desertwind—and told her to use it if she ever needed to contact him so that he would know it was her. While Anyara wished to return to Halcyon's family with news of his death, it was decided that It'kla would instead give this informationm, as it was likely that Nejaa's family would be under surveillance following the Jedi's "betrayal" of the Republic. It'kla left soon afterwards in the shuttle the three had used to arrive, leaving Anyara on the planet with enough credits to get her own ride home, along with some additional money for food and shelter.

It was not long after Anyara made her way off the planet that she was contacted—through Jedi comlink frequencies—by other survivor's of the Purge, who requested that she make her way to Kessel for a meeting to discuss the future of the Order. Anyara immediately set about getting transport to Kessel, but found it increasingly difficult to get there through legal means. Due to this, Anyara decided that she would instead steal herself away on a smuggling ship which was headed to the planet for less than legal reasons. Discovering that the Capri Nitari was headed to Kessel in an attempt to break the record for the Kessel Run, Anyara was able to use her skills to hide away in the engine room of the freighter. Luckily for her, the freighter made it to Kessel with no problems though when it arrived, it had to evade several Imperial ships which had entered the system.

After the ship had landed on the planet, and Anyara had made sure that the crew were no longer around, she made her way to the building which was to serve as the meeting place for the conclave. When she arrived, however, she witnessed a platoon of stormtroopers enter the building led by an imposing, black-armoured figure. Understanding that there was little she could do against such odds, Anyara nevertheless tried to contact the Jedi inside on her comlink but was met by static. Not having a ship of her own, but wishing to leave the planet as soon as possible, Anyara made her way to the Imperial ships which had landed on the ground. Noticing a starship she was familiar with—a V-wing—Anyara quickly set about hotwiring the ship so that she could leave the planet before she was discovered.

It was only as she left the planet that Anyara realized her problem; in her haste, she had chosen a starship which lacked an in-built hyperdrive. Luck, or the Force, would seem to be on Anyara's side again, however, as a Q-Signal messenger drone rose from the planet and made its way to the edge of the system to enter hyperspace. Realizing that her only hope was to somehow attach her starfighter onto the drone before it entered hyperspace, Anyara forced as much speed as she could out of the starfighter and made her way towards it. After managing to catch up with the drone, Anyara used her landing gear to magnetise herself to its surface and thus was able to catch a ride to whichever planet it was headed to. Not having much room to do anything else, Anyara put herself in a meditative trance so that she would not require sustenance.

Again luck seemed to be on Anyara's side, as the drone exited hyperspace above her homeworld of Ryloth, where she detached her starfighter from it before it made its way to the planets surface. After gaining permission to land in the planet's main spaceport, Kala'uun Starport, Anyara exited her starfighter and made her way to an information terminal to find out the status of the galaxy. While much of the news services seemed to be peddling misinformation regarding both the Jedi and the newly-crowned "Galactic Emperor Palpatine", Anyara was nevertheless able to discern that the Jedi Order had been largely—if not completely—destroyed, and the Republic she once served was no more; Anyara would have to start her life over.


Knowing little about the planet she was on, other than the information she had gleaned from the Jedi Archives as a youth, Anyara decided that she would seek out her family's business to see if familial bonds would mean anything to her sister. When Anyara located the headquarters of Ryloth Ventures, however, her efforts were met with much adversity as nobody believed she, a Twi'lek with little money and "rags for clothes" could possibly be related to the wealthy and well-dressed Tuulaa Doneeta. After much arguing, Anyara eventually gave in to intimidation and brandished her lightsaber, forcing her way through the offices until she was met by her sister. Only then did she put the lightsaber away, at which point the security troops moved forward to take her captive; fortunately, Tuulaa stepped forward and ordered them to stand down as she was willing to speak to this woman claiming to be her sister.

After much conversation, and many DNA tests, it was confirmed that Anyara was indeed Tuulaa's sister despite their vastly differing backgrounds. Because of this bond, Tuulaa was willing to help her sister eke out a new life, but only to a bare minimum. From growing up with their father, Tuulaa had shared his prejudices towards Anyara; prejudices which had only increased since Has's death in the battle during the Clone Wars only a short time ago. As such, Tuulaa gave Anyara one of her customer liaison jobs, operating out of the Kala'uun Starport. While it was not the lowest job available in the company, as Anyara's position put her in charge of the shop, it was far from high-paying.

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