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...then this one guy from Anthyria was so generous and kind, it was almost too good to be true.
—Bade Arvial, on recounting his first meeting with Anthyrian Ralanie Marvielle

Anthyria was a planet in the Inner Rim, and the third planet in the Virtalia System. This planet was quite unique, as the atmospheric dynamics keep the planet in a constant vernal state (in other words, it is always springtime on the planet). The land was a vibrant shade of green, and was a paradise. The vinneah plant originated from this planet. Anthyria was frequently referred to as Chandrila's cousin, due to the peaceful nature of the people. Anthyria had one moon, Diros. The planetary capital was Anbar. It was on this planet that Celvan first met Torgaal Havenjir, specifically at Anbar's Valchar Gardens. The merchant Ralanie Marvielle was from this planet.

Planetary Overview


Anthyria was a terran world, with verdant green grass and vibrant blue water; Anthyria was a paradise. It was kept in a state of perpetual spring by its unique atmosphere, with the weather being calm and occasionally rainy in some places. In higher elevation areas, it would snow a bit. There would often be a light chilly breeze, and a few clouds in the sky. It was the third planet from its parent star. It took 360 standard days for Anthyria to complete one revolution around its parent star, and 24 standard hours for the planet to complete a full rotation on its axis. Its satellite, the moon Diros, took 23 days to complete one revolution around Anthyria. Diros was at such a distance that Anthyria was given the rare gift of experiencing solar and lunar eclipses.


The Anthyrian atmosphere was pure and clean, due to laws stating that the atmosphere must be preserved in order to maintain the fragile vernal climate. That was why it was impossible to find a ship flying on Anthyria that required fuel.


The geography of the planet was gorgeous. Rolling hills, expansive plains, glimmering oceans, and tall mountains. The highest point on the planet was Kurei Peak, at a height of 5248.3512 meters (17,219 feet).


The main galactic export was the crop called vinneah. Vinneah was most commonly found wild in the Anthyrian foothills and valleys. Other plants, such as the koriba, grew underneath the canopies of the Anthyrian forests. Though vinneah was the most famous plant from this planet, the havisa tree stood tall among the grassy plains and forests, and was recognized as an Anthyrian cultural icon.


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The Anthyrian biosphere was extremely diverse, and several animals such as the pawdie frequented the surface, while others such as the rashta soared in the sky. Some, like the nalviish swam in the sea.


The Anthyrians were known throughout the galaxy for being generous and kind, kept calm by the perpetual spring. Many Anthyrian homes had gardens


Transportation on Anthyria was quite efficient, as high-speed maglev rail travel was the preferred method of transportation. It was also good for the environment and the atmosphere. Since Diros served as Anthyria's major spaceport, there needed to be a way where travelers could get from the Anthyrian surface to the spaceport. So, hydroelectric shuttles were designed to carry passengers from the two locations with efficiency and no impact on the environment whatsoever.


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