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I'll never join you. You go about the destruction of the Jedi the wrong way.
— Dark Acolyte to Anthony Doowkool.

Anthony Doowkool was a Human male Sith who took control of the galaxy and all of the Sith five years after the death of Desann.


Early life (8 BBY–2 ABY)

I do not understand what it going on, but I will do what I must to protect myself from you, Fett.
— Anthony Doowkool to Boba Fett.

Anthony Doowkool was born in 8 BBY. According to history and himself he was born on one of the colonies of Hoth. Anthony's mother, Emily Doowkool, was the Senator of Hoth and married to Darth Belac, one of Darth Sidious' personal apprentices. At that time, Doowkool was being watched by the family droid, BB, and his mom was busy with Diplomatic matters with the Empire Rising. Even at a young age, Doowkool showed some promise as a Force-User. At five years old, he fought stormtroopers and Boba Fett after the destruction of Hoth Elementary. At seven, he defeated a band of Trandoshan bounty hunters that tried to kill his friends and family. At nine, he accidentally created his first training lightsaber, which he used to defeat the school bully.


I'm a Force-user, just like my father and will go to Yavin IV to receive my training.
— Anthony Doowkool to Emily Doowkool.

At 18 years old, in 10 ABY, at his high school graduation, Emily Doowkool finally told Anthony that his father was Force-sensitive and so was he. Anthony then promised his mother that he would go to Yavin IV to learn how to use his powers and so he did.

Muffinmaker and Purplevinegar's apprentice

You lose Dark Acolyte. I am the True Sith and you are not a Sith at all.
— Anthony Doowkool to Dark Acolyte after his victory in the dueling ring at the Sith Academy.

On his travel's to the planet of Yavin IV, he met a Gran named Muffinmaker who told Anthony that he was already a skilled Force-user that knew everything about the Force. Muffinmaker said he would gladly take Doowkool on as his apprentice and even mentioned that he knew Anthony's father. So Anthony agreed to learn from Muffinmaker. Once at Muffinmaker's Academy Anthony soon learn that he was a Sith. By then it was too late for Anthony to turn back so he followed the ways of the Sith. After a day at the Academy, Anthony soon met Muffinmaker's master who would also train him Purplevinegar. Anthony soon learned that the Sith chose to train in groups. It was the High Sith Council located on Korriban's idea that it should be that way. The members of the High Sith Council were: Nnased, Darth Belac(Anthony's Father), Noviat, Reborn "the Ancient", Darth Shadowtrooper, and Kalag. Anthony had month's of training on Yavin IV. At the Academy he made a rival who he defeated in the dueling ring named Dark Acolyte. At the age of 19 in 11 ABY, Anthony had learned everything about the Dark Side that there was to learn. So Muffinmaker and Purplevinegar told Anthony to go on his own journey and find an apprentice to teach in the ways of the Dark Side. Secretly unknown to the two masters, Anthony's plan was to create an Empire of his own.

File:Fleet over Nar Shaddaa.jpg
===Training Darth Nrober and creating a Sith Empire===
None of you are True Sith, not even you father. You don't deserve to be the members of the High Sith Council.
— Anthony Doowkool to the High Sith Council before he killed them all.

On Coruscant, Anthony found one of the last surviving Reborns named Reborn "the Unmortal". Anthony trained "Unmortal on the planet of Hoth. After a month of training they were ready to return to Yavin IV to begin creation of Anthony's Sith Empire. Anthony made his offer of joining the Anthonychist to go on a campaign to destroy the Jedi Order. Muffinmaker, Purplevinegar, and half the Sith on Yavin IV accepted the offer, but Dark Acolyte disagreed. Some of the Sith to Dark Acolyte's side. A huge battle ensued and soon the Academy was in ruins from the fight. After that battle news of it spread to the Sith Council. They summoned Anthony and Dark Acolyte to come to Korriban. There the Council got onto them for doing what they did. Anthony aruged with them that they were weak and ran off to battle in the Anthonychist Campaigns I against the Jedi order. The first battle took place in the streets of Nar Shaddaa. They won the battle with only a few deaths from the Anthonychist. They then went to Bespin, where they lost a few battles. Soon Anthony began construction on the Death Star III (Anthonychist). Once the Campaign ended with a huge victory for Anthony's Empire the Death Star III was completed. Anthony then returned with his two Masters and one apprentice to Korriban where they killed the Sith Council and replaced it with themselves.

Betrayals during the Chists Wars

During his rule over the Sith, Anthony was forced into a war against the Revanchist led by none other than Dark Acolyte. The war began on the Anthonychist Empire's capital planet of Yavin IV. There Anthony met The Color Blue, a female Anthonychist who he soon fell in love with. He also met Bodyguard, a loyal Anthonychist willing to do whatever The Color Blue or Anthony ordered. After the victory there they headed to the planet of Bespin for the next battle. The Color Blue then left Anthony and Bodyguard alone while going to do some recon. Suddenly Bodyguard challenges Anthony to a duel. Not a friendly duel either. Anthony then defeats him and asks why he attacked him or else be killed. Bodyguard admitted that The Color Blue told him to do it. Anthony killed Bodyguard anyways. Anthony was soon able to track The Color Blue to inside a building. He asked her way she hired Bodyguard to kill him. She gave him no answer and Anthony was unable to kill her. Instead he deserts her on Bespin, hoping to never see her again.

Anthony in Shadow Trooper Armor

Anthony's Mandalorian Armor

Mandalore "The Destroyer"

As the Chists Wars continued Anthony journeyed to the planet of Concordia where he discovered his Mandalorian heritage which went all the way back to Mandalore "The First". They then made Anthony the new Mandalore, Mandalore "The Destroyer". Anthony used this to his advantage to win the Chists Wars, having the Mandalorian Clans worked perfectly. Once more he faced Fett. This time a battle over who was to be the next Mandalore. Anthony defeated the bounty hunter again bringing great dishonor to him. Anthony found a strage form of the Empire's shadow trooper armor and used it as his Mandalorian armor.

The Second Anthonychist Campaign

Aftar the Chist Wars Anthony returned to his Capitol of Yavin IV to discover that the Jedi had returned to the galaxy. That meant he didn't kill all of the Jedi. So Anthony started a Second Campaign against the Jedi. Soon he discovered that Dark Acolyte had joined the Jedi along with his followers, the Acolytians. Anthony Doowkool was soon forced to reveal to Muffinmaker and Darth Nrober that the vision he told the Anthonychist recruits was not the True Vision he saw. The True Vision he saw was of his defeat and the defeat of Dark Acolyte. Unfortunately, the Jedi return to power. Anthony makes them promise not to tell the Anthonychist what he just told them to help boost their moral. No moral, no victory. Months later after many battles of wins and loses he made his way to the next battle on the planet of Korriban. He led the Anthonychist to vicory against the Jedi and Acolytians. Soon after that he returned to his capitol to discover the news of a child being born to The Color Blue. Anthony knew it was his, but had no knowledge of where The Color Blue was by this point. Anthony also was told by Darth Nrober that Dark Acolyte and a traitor was headed to the Death Star III of which Anthony had finished construction on. So Anthony had to choose between family and the war effort. Because Anthony was so far down the dark side family was not important to him. So Anthony Doowkool chose to lead his men in what would be the final hour of the war and himself.

The Battle of Death Star III (Anthonychist)

Anthony, Darth Nrober, Purplevinegar, and Muffinmaker were the first to get into the Death Star III. They split the whole Anthonychist Army into three units. Anthony was the only one who would go alone. In the throne room there he say Dark Acolyte and the Anthonychist Exile, whom Anthony and branded a traitor to his empire months earlier. Unknown to Anthony by the time he found these two everyone in his Army that was on the Death Star III were dead including his two masters and Darth Nrober. So he was facing these two alone. Dark Acolyte ordered the Anthonychist Exile to attack Anthony Doowkool. Following orders the Anthonychist Exile did just that. Anthony and the Exile faced each other in a heated battle that soon led to them being near the hangar. Anthony was thinking of escaping, but soon he finally realized that everything he had been doing was wrong. He sensed Dark Acolytes interior motives of winning the war. So Anthony, in his final hour, decided not to fight and turn to the light. Dark Acolyte did not like that very much because he knew Anthony was a strong opponent and would ruin his plan for final domination of the galaxy. So Dark Acolyte took the final blow against Anthony against the will of The Anthonychist Exile.


Just as Dark Acolyte took the final blow he quickly sent the truth of Dark Acolyte's plot to the mind of the Anthonychist Exile. He also showed that he had a child now so that way in the next fourteen years the Anthonychist Exile could prepare to face Dark Acolyte alongside his son. In years to come the rest of his vision would be fullfilled through his son, Anthony Doowkool II, the Anthonychist Exile, and The Color Blue, his wife.

Personality and Traits

Throughout his training, Anthony was known for his brutality and hate for his fellow students and the masters. The only masters he ever got along with were Purplevinegar and Muffinmaker. Anyone else he wish he could Force Choke them in the middle of class. During training duels with his fellow students he would show no mercy which was well accepted by the masters as well as the students. The students learned to fear him, as well as the masters. When the time came for the formation of the Anthonychist, that fear would lead the acceptance by many of the apprentices and masters of the Yavin IV Sith Academy. He did have a soft spot in his heart for his secret wife, The Color Blue, as well as for his unborn son. Unfortunately for Anthony that fear was not enough to keep his new Empire. Fortunately, for the galaxy, it was that soft spot in his heart that would turn him to the light in the last seconds of his life.


The Color Blue

During the Chist Wars, Anthony was close to The Color Blue. What Anthony had failed to realize was that The Color Blue was really a spy for the Jedi Order. After the battle of Yavin IV, they secretly married. Then she betrayed him by ordering Bodyguard to attack him. Bodyguard failed and Anthony exiled The Color Blue. Years later, months before the Battle of the Death Star III, The Color Blue would have Anthony's child and try to get him to leave the Sith and raise the child. Nrober knew that if Anthony left the Sith would fall, so he deleted the location of The Color Blue from the message and only handed Anthony the broken message of having a child.

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