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Mith'thraw'nuruodo was the greatest Chiss to ever live... until now.

Anth'mer'uruodo, better known by his core name Thmeru and who was born as Thil'mit'anatti (Ilmitan), was a male Chiss who would become the first ruler of the Greater Chiss Empire. He was regarded by many Chiss as the great destiny-bringer of their people, despite his highly controversial methods and beliefs, many of which contradicted core Chiss values.

Thmeru idolized Thrawn, believing him to be the greatest Chiss to have ever lived. At the same time, Thmeru desired nothing more than to best Thrawn's impressive achievements. Driven by ambition, Thmeru worked his way out of his impoverished beginnings, gained a huge following among Chiss citizens and rose up in revolt against the noble houses, in a war that would see the aristocracy, and indeed the very structure of Chiss government, disappear. In its place arose the Greater Chiss Empire, an autocratic and totalitarian regime with expansionist ambitions.

After being declared "Emperor of all the Chiss" in 209 ABY, Thmeru turned his attention to the galaxy at large. Believing that the only way to surpass Thrawn was complete conquest of all other life forms, Thmeru embarked upon a series of campaigns. Many of these were successful and by 215 ABY, Chiss forces controlled Coruscant. However, the ferocious advance of the Chiss, and their merciless treatment of the vanquished, led to hot anti-Chiss feeling among the conquered races.

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