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The corrupt fear us. The honest support us. The heroic join us. We are Anonymous. Expect us.

Anonymous was an organized crime group that operated throughout the galaxy. Their main goal was to fight oppressive and tyrannical governments, such us the Galactic Empire, through illegal means. They were also known to participate in cyberterrorism, hacking various bank accounts and giving themselves thousands of credits to fund their ventures. Anonymous was active from early 30 BBY, and was still around by 170 ABY.

The identities of most members were unknown, hence the group's name. Anonymity was an important factor in the organization, and most members used hacking to erase all files of their existence and used code names, making themselves unidentifiable. When captured, most Anonymous members killed themselves with poison capsules, and the few that didn't refused to answer any questions during interrogations.

They had safe houses all over the galaxy, and were not very well known, which they took as a sign of success (the whole point of being anonymous.)

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