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The Anoat sector Campaign was a conflict between the Exlus Republic and the True Republic. The Exlus Republic emerged as the victor.


After Vtarsu's death, the future of the Exlus Republic was uncertain. However, a man named Kasaros Karixus, an officer in the Exlusite Grand Fleet, came forward and stated that he was Kiovai Karixus's son. The Staxmal Council had no choice but to allow this man to become Executor.

Kasaros Karixus, however, had not made his declarations from Exlus. He was present at the Battle of Bespin. The True Republic had managed to take over the only hyper-route out of the region, also the location of the new Executor. Karixus and a good portion of the Exlusite fleet were trapped.

In a move that was considered by many to be shocking, Karixus invaded the Anoat system and other worlds, in the Anoat sector Campaign. In these battles, despite being outnumbered nearly three to one, Karixus defeated the True Republic continually. In 341 ABY, at the end of the campaign, Karixus ruled the entire sector

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