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The Senate of the Republic of East Vertania has refused Kalland's annexation demand, we did not declare independence just over a month ago to give it away to any opportunist!
—President Oliver Matthews of East Vertania, making public the East Vertanian Senate's refusal to accept Kalland's annexation demand

The Annexation of East Vertania was an event which took place in 107 BBY in which the short-lived nation of the Republic of East Vertania was annexed by the neighbouring nation of Kalland on the planet Earth.

The Republic of East Vertania had declared independence from the rest of the First Republic of Vertania just a month prior to the annexation, 33 days after independence the Senate of East Vertania received a latter from the government of Kalland, demanding that East Vertania accept annexation by Kalland.

East Vertania refused the demand, and on the 35th day of independence Kalland invaded the small nation and annexed it, the Republic of East Vertania Militia under Commander Kieran Matthews attempted to defend the nation from the invaders, but they were swiftly beaten, East Vertania asked Vertania for help, but Vertania refused, still being upset at losing East Vertania, Kallandian forces reached Veruza, the capital of East Vertania, and demanded the annexation, East Vertania was forced accept the demand, and the Treaty of Veruza made official East Vertania's annexation by Kalland.

We will accept this annexation, for now, we currently have no other choice, but mark my words, you will regret this! Do not think we will accept this loss of our freedom lying down!
—President Oliver Matthews warning the Kallandian commander after the signing of the Treaty of Veruza

The nation of Vertania fiercely protested the annexation to the League of Earth Nations, the League, being ever unwilling to allow a war to occur, demanded Kalland partake in a referendum, Kalland ensured the referendum would go their way by secretly holding the voters at gunpoint, the referendum passed in Kalland's favour, and East Vertania remained part of Kalland, much to the continued protestations of Vertania.

The Republic of East Vertania was dissolved and replaced by North-West Kalland, however East Vertania was not silent about the annexation, 6 years after the annexation, in 101 BBY Kieran Matthews began an uprising and created the "Republic of East Vertania", which only lasted 12 days before being reconquered by Kalland, in 90 BBY Veruza County began a rebellion in an attempt to reclaim independence, but the rebellion was swiftly crushed.

Damned Kallandians, give us back our freedom!
—An East Vertanian rebel

East Vertania did not see independence until 21 BBY, when the Liberation of East Vertania took place, feeling support for the Confederate States of Earth the people of East Vertania fought a war against Kalland, as soon as Veruza was under rebel control the rebels declared the Second Republic of East Vertania and joined the Confederacy as the 60th state, the self-proclaimed state was accepted into the Confederacy, and thus granted recognition, the nation then received Confederate support to finally remove Kalland from the land.

God bless the Confederacy, and her mother, President Jane Zarkan! For it was the Confederates who finally gave us the help we needed to reclaim our homeland and liberty after nearly a century of oppression! It is fitting for the Confederate national anthem to sing about fighting for liberty, for the Confederates are the true liberators and the right side in this war! We East Vertanians proudly and happily declare our loyalty to the Confederacy
—President Alexander Matthews of the Second Republic praising the Confederate States of Earth
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