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True, but you can't deny her resolve.
—An unknown Imperial officer discussing Anna's "unnecessary aggressive" methods

Annabelle Nakamura, nicknamed Aggressive Admiral by other Imperials and the Rebel Alliance, was a Corellian human female who served the Corellian Defense Fleet as a Lieutenant, Captain, and Admiral. After the outbreak of the Clone Wars, her skills and service as an admiral were noticed by the Galactic Republic and she was given an offer to serve as Admiral within the Republic Navy, and given command of the Schnee, a Venator-class Star Destroyer. During the Clone Wars, she fought against many Confederate admirals and generals, winning said battles for the Republic. After the Clone Wars and the Proclamation of the New Order, Annabelle was made an Admiral within the reorganized Imperial Navy and after 17 BBY, she was given command of an Imperial I-class Star Destroyer which she christened as Schnee.

During the Age of the Empire, Anna was given command over the Fleet of Imperial Justice in the Outer Rim Territories by Grand Moff Tarkin. As an Admiral of the Galactic Empire, she was known among other Imperial Navy personnel as an aggressor, using very aggressive methods when dealing with criminals, pirates, early rebels, and insurrectionists. One such example was during a confrontation, she used the family of a rebel in order to have them submit to the Imperial law. These methods were seen as unnecessary by other Imperials as most would just neutralize them.

When the Galactic Civil War broke out, she was relived to finally see combat against real targets. She grew to respect Darth Vader, not fearing him like most Imperial officers. She briefly served under his command prior to the Battle of Yavin where she commanded his command ship, the Devastator. After the destruction of the first Death Star by Luke Skywalker, she began to hate the Rebel Alliance even more. She used her fleet to search for Alliance assets, fleets, ground forces, anything or anyone who claimed to be affiliated with the Alliance, she became known as the Aggressive Admiral by Alliance High Command.

During the Battle of Hoth, she was present at a planet called Remnant which was involved in a civil war between its kingdoms. For one year, she spent at Remnant trying to suppress the planet's infighting with each other and attempted to install Imperial diplomacy, which would establish Remnant as an Imperial world. She was promoted to Grand Admiral by Emperor Palpatine himself after she was able to establish Remnant as important imperial world, using and mining its rare resource for imperial war machines and experimental military technology such as artificial intelligence, becoming one of the few officers to obtain the rank Grand Admiral.

After the second Death Star's destruction at Battle of Endor and the deaths of Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader, Anna's personnel within her fleet continued to follow her orders and she used her fleet as her own splinter faction, a splinter group from the fractured Galactic Empire. For a year after Endor, she fought against Admiral Jek Nrahom and his Fleet. After her conflict with Jek, she was called to Jakku where the remaining forces of the Empire gathered to take a stand against the New Republic, resulting in the Battle of Jakku. After the battle, she was one of the few Imperial Admirals to survive, taking with her the Schnee, and two other Imperial II-class Star Destroyers to the Unknown Regions with other Imperial survivors.

Thirty-four years after the Battle of Yavin, she was serving within the First Order Navy as an Admiral, commanding the Schnee which was now a Resurgent-class Star Destroyer and fought in the war against the Resistance. At the time, she was considered one of the eldest First Order officers, having served in the Galactic Empire and fought against numerous Rebel cells and forces. Because of her age, she was treated with high respect from other officers who idolized the Empire and heard stories about her Clone Wars and Galactic Civil War days. She eventually met her end during a galactic-wide uprising against the First Order in 35 ABY after her ship the Schnee was bombarded by repurposed civilian bombers over Corellia.


Hunting Rose Squadron

At some point during the Galactic Civil War, she was given an assignment by Fleet Command to hunt down Rose Squadron, an Alliance starfighter unit whom were responsible for numerous high-profile attacks against Imperial Navy installations and personnel within the Outer Rim. Having heard of the unit beforehand, she was determined to complete the assignment and wanted to impress her superiors. She had begun her mission to finding Rose Squadron immediately afterwards.


Annabelle Nakamura grew up an innocent girl, but overtime as she began to take a liking to starships, she had dreams of joining the Corellian Defense Fleet which was often opposed by her family, pressuring her to enter politics like the rest of her family. Due to this, she became more zealous for the Defense Fleet, continuing to ignore her family's pleas even her older brother whom she loved a lot as a kid.

After becoming of age and maturing as a grown woman, Anna moved away from her family and began to seriously focus on setting up her eventual enlistment in the Corellian Defense Fleet. In the years before she enlisted, her beauty was noticed by many men, all of whom had failing to impress her. She steered away from romantic relationships, believing that they would only slow down her progress. Finally joining the Corellian Defense Fleet as a Lieutenant, she became more focused and determined to excel than everyone else around her, which was what she had done, impressing her superiors and fellow officers, gaining respect and admiration. As her behaviour and excellency continued in her time as a Captain in the Defense Fleet, she was noticed by the Corellian government, the leaders and founders of the Defense Fleet, she was brought up to the rank Admiral.

After years of serving as an Admiral and the outbreak of the Clone Wars, she was recruited into the Republic Navy as an Admiral, taking command of a Venator-class Star Destroyer called the Freedom which she renamed to Schnee after deciding that the previous name did not fit her. During her time in the Republic Navy, she passively became aggressive against the Confederate Navy that went by unnoticed by most but a few Jedi generals, which they considered her behaviour and battle tactics to be a little unfavourable as they would potentially cost the Republic, though her continued victories proved otherwise.

During her time within the Imperial Navy, she became even more aggressive, as evident by her given nickname by Alliance personnel. At some point, she served her learned of her older brother's death which was caused by an extremist cell of the Alliance. This became the source of her hatred against the Rebel Alliance. Although she was obligated to wear the Imperial officer's uniform given to her, she continued to wear her own personal attire, though this changed after she was promoted to Grand Admiral where she then replaced her outfit with her own variation of the Grand Admiral uniform. At some point during her Imperial Navy career, she and fellow Admiral Jek Nrahom developed a friendly rivalry with each other, and sometime after the Battle of Endor, she came into conflict with Jek's Fleet of the Eternal Raven.

Like many Imperial Military officers within the First Order, she saw the new generation as overconfident and arrogant, which affected on how she saw their judgement. While she did despise them, she did respect them on some levels, such as their ability to adapt and improve their tactics and battle plans, which she saw in a young officer named Krita. As she was respected by the new generation because of her history, her opinion mattered greatly to those who asked and this was mostly evident in Krita who served onboard the Schnee. Despite her old age, she was still a capable commander within the First Order Navy and her status and ship were often revered by those who knew of her history in both the Galactic Republic and Galactic Empire, though the latter was always mentioned.

Behind the scenes

Like all other versions of Annabelle, her appearance is based on that of Winter Schnee from the RWBYverse. The difference between this Annabelle and her other versions, excluding her "Alternate" timeline counterpart, is that she does not possess any connection to the Force.


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