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Annabelle "Bella" Nakamura was a Corellian human female who served the Galactic Empire as the captain of the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Midsummer Night. Annabelle was the only child of John B. and Marie Nakamura of one of the defence contractors of the New Empire, the best starship, weapon, droid and mining company, Nakamura Industries.


Annabelle was born on Corellia in 28 BBY and was often called Bella by her family, mostly by her parents. She had a brother whom her parents never speak of, Darth Angel of the Dark Angels of Corellia formerly known as Jeff'ia Nakamura before he was seduced to the Dark Side.

Her parents had never told her about her older brother because they didn't know what happened to him at all. They claimed he was killed during a security escort into the Outer Rim which was the last time they saw him. This was something that her parents kept from her.

She went on to travel to the planet of Corulag and apply at the imperial academy built there to train as a naval officer, whom had strong desires to join the Imperial Navy. She was only 18 when she applied and was accepted into the academy and it was there that she had saw a live holographic image of Darth Vader. She studied at the academy until she graduated upon others and given the rank of Captain and command over the Midsummer Night due to her excellent mind and exceptional tactics. Many had told her that she was like Thrawn, an exceptional male Chiss.

Behind the scenes

The appearance of this character is based on Winter Schnee from the RWBYverse. No crossover intended.


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