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The Silence beckons you, heretic.
Krovo Scrios, musing upon the discovery of Savelle Ulesari

The Animites, originally known as the Cult of Light or simply as the heretics, were a sect of the Charon Dominion's Savant Caste, formed in philosophical opposition to the teachings of the Void of Oblivion. They are led by the foremost seer among them, known by several titles, with the foremost of them being the Scryer.

Technologically astute and innovative, the Animites first escaped from the Otherspace galaxy after rediscovering hyperspace technology from the remnants of wreckage of starship technology originating from the realspace galaxy, and even managed to hybridize it with the fundamental principles behind their Phase engines.

Although some among the Zealot Caste joined them, the Animites were the primary combatants against the Savant Caste of the Dominion during the Charon Civil War, after the effective conclusion of the Oblivion Crusades.

In addition to being a relatively small movement, the vast majority of the Animites were slain during the civil war before they managed to engineer their escape through the weak dimensional fissure beyond the edge of the Erebus system. Ironically, the subsequent exodus of the Animites, was the very event that led to the Charon creation of the Hellmouth, which made possible the Extant War.