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Warning! This page contains MAJOR spoilers from Star Wars: The New Frontier, Star Wars: An Advancing Darkness, and Star Wars: Flames of the Galaxy. Caution is advised.

If we give up now, it'll be the same as if we hadn't fought at all.

Anhri Claynes was a Human female Jedi Sentinel of the New Jedi Order. Born on the planet Chandrila, she was recruited into the New Jedi Order by Jedi Master Rend Arcturius. During her time as a veteran Padawan, she became engrossed in the study of a legendary holocron, one that had been missing for years and contained great secrets. During the Fauthian devastation, she petitioned the Triumvirate Subversive Intelligence Service to allow her to find it, believing that it would turn the tide of the war. Working with her Master, they were ambushed and captured by Raixan Fauth's forces, with Rend staying behind in order to buy time for her to reach the surface of the target planet: Aranya. Once she arrived, she allied with Force-sensitive peddler Calen Solayrastromech droid Z1-X1, and hyperspace explorer Skyric Worrsayn. They managed to escape and reconnect with her master, and later took part in the Battle of Hideaway, where Arcturius fell in battle.

Promoted to Jedi Knight, she would later take part in the Second Great Jedi Purge, working with the crew of the Kitehawk to help Jedi escape from Fauthian assaults. Travelling with the refugees to New Tython, she was officially promoted to knighthood and became Solayr's official master. While Calen dueled Fauth in the Battle of New Tython, she travelled to back to the temple and assisted in the defensive efforts, engaging in a duel with General Saedus. When the battle was lost, she assisted her friends in rescuing Solayr, who had been defeated by the warlord. She was later present when the Order officially disbanded and Calen vanished.

Two years later, she continued to work with the SIS, acting as a "special agent" and becoming one of the architects of Operation: Homefront.


Early Life and Recruitment

Time as a Padawan

Finding the Holocron

A Galactic Hunt

Attack Above Aranya

Capture and Rescue

Assault on the Spaceport

Rescuing her Master

A Trap at Hideaway

Time on the Kitehawk

Arrival Onworld

Destroying the Dread Crown


The Second Purge

Becoming a Knight

Mission to Ossus

Arrival at New Tython

Training Solayr

An Ill-Fated Mission

Personal demons

Fauth's invasion

Duel with Saedus and rescuing Calen

Dissolution of the Order

Operation: Homefront

Personality and traits



Full appearance


Powers and Abilities

Lightsaber Skills

Force Powers




Behind the Scenes



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