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The Anhalia was an Echidna-class command cruiser which served in the Navy of the Tetrarchy of Mezlagob. It was the personal flagship of Admiral Garyth Quorr.

Awarded to Quorr by the Tetrarchs during his time as a Vice Admiral, Quorr retained the ship as his command cruiser when he was promoted first sector command, and then to Supreme Command of the Tetrarchy military. As such, the Anhalia was the flagship of the Tetrarchy, and Quorr commanded the Battle of Hudrel from its bridge, successfully defending Hudrel against the Golden Empire.

Quorr continued to use the Anhalia as his command ship as the war turned against the Tetrarchy following the Battle of Tizgo V. The ship fought in the Battle of Baes; when Quorr knew the conflict was lost, he retreated to nearby Vall`to to organize a last stand defense there. The Dronos Tetrarch Dourshe came aboard at Vall`to, ostensibly to increase morale, although he spent most of his time trying to supervise Quorr. Initially seeming to succeed against the Prime Fleet at the Battle of Vall`to, the Anhalia was lured away from the immediate envelope of Vall`to. Using the Force, Rin Sakaros navigated reinforcements through hyperspace, allowing them to decant behind Quorr's lines of battle. Trapped between enemy lines, the Anhalia was gunned down and lost with all hands, taking Quorr and Dourshe with it.

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