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Andrau Baryue was a Zabrak smuggler in the service of Drolslobba the Hutt during the Dark Times.


Early lifeEdit

Andrau Baryue was born on Iridonia approximately forty-two years before the Battle of Yavin. However, he grew up on his parent's starship. The Zabrak smugglers worked hard to make a living in the Outer Rim, away from the Republic, and Baryue learned early on the importance of a hard work ethic. When he came of age, he used his hard-earned credits to purchase his own ship, a bulk freighter he named the Call of Destiny.

The Clone WarsEdit

When the Clone Wars took the galaxy by storm, Baryue began to run guns for whoever paid for his services, often working for members of the Confederacy or for one of the many Hutt clans in the Rim. He would gather a loyal crew, including his co-pilot, the Twi'lek Stav Cheda, and his Aqualish gunner, Pol Sidbam.

Baryue crew

Cheda and Sidbam on Taris

By the end of the Clone Wars, Baryue had indebted himself to Drolslobba the Hutt, a crime lord on Taris. He would remain in his "employ" until he could pay off his debts to the Hutt.

The Dark TimesEdit

Within a decade of the conclusion of the Clone Wars, Baryue had paid off his debts to Drolslobba. However, he chose to remain in the employ of the Hutt, running cargoes consisting of weapons, spices, and other high-tariff items. Baryue was considered to be lucky, having only once been boarded by Imperial inspectors. His cargo, however, was not confiscated. To discourage competition, Baryue never shared the secret of how he eluded arrest.

About eleven years prior to the Battle of Yavin, Baryue accepted a contract from Drolslobba to run a cargo to a spice factory on Shola. Under the protection of the Mandalorian mercenary Phiht Piroc, Baryue and his crew proceeded to the hell world, unaware of the threat of Varin Ka, a Dark Jedi who had taken up residence in an old Confederacy foundry.

The run proved to be the last for Baryue and his crew. Only Piroc escaped the hellish landscape of Shola with his life.

Behind the scenesEdit

Andrau Baryue first appeared in the rewrite of Star Wars: Hellfire. His name was based off the real-life name of the author's roommate.