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I think one can rise without bowing to the Force.―Andraste[src]

Andraste was the Human female Galactic Empress of the New Sith Imperium who lived during the Third Galactic Civil War, and one of the last members of the Skywalker line. As a girl, she was raised by the Sith before becoming the Padawan learner of Jhon Cordatus. During her Jedi training, Andraste killed a group of Padawans and fled the Sage Halls of Empress Teta, returning to the Sith. She trained under Darth Exodeus, who went on to become the Galactic Emperor and Dark Lord of the Sith.

During the war, Andraste became pregnant by Exodeus and gave birth to a daughter, Lana, who would go on to become the true Chosen One of prophecy. Fearing that Exodeus was a threat to their daughter, Andraste gave the girl to Cordatus, who faked his and the baby's deaths in order to prevent Exodeus from finding Lana. Thinking she lost her daughter, Andraste snapped and fully fell to the dark side of the Force, becoming a shell of her former self. Seeking power, she married Exodeus, but ultimately killed him in order to take his place as the Sith Empress.

The war against the Galactic Alliance progressed under Andraste's rule, as the Empress brought the Mandalorian forces to her side. Together, the Mandalorians and the Sith made a push for the Core Worlds, driving their armies towards their ultimate goal of Coruscant, the Alliance capital. In a decisive battle, the Sith were able to defeat the Alliance forces on Coruscant. Andraste, along with her Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vereor, used the energies of the Force nexus on Coruscant to devastate the planet. Coruscant was left a wasteland, and the Galactic Alliance was destroyed.

Over the next decade, the Sith continued their conquest of the galaxy, securing nearly half of it. The Imperium under Andraste's rule secured the Core Worlds and began expansion into the south, before the Bacta Crisis halted momentum. By 1,023 ABY, however, Sith expansion continued, beginning with the Mandalorian genocide and attacks against the Hutt Cartel.


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