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Beware when facing the Dunes; they come with a punch.
—A HoloNet dossier on Andrakis
Andrakis, also known as "the Dunes" was a planet located in the Core Worlds. A small agricultural planet with no real significance, Andrakis was the home of the Andish, an isolated Human culture. Andrakis is perhaps most significant for being the home of the Mordell family, to which Jedi Knight Nymor Mordell belonged, along with his older brother, the smuggler Oberon Mordell.

Andrakis often stood in the shadow of its wealthier and more significant sister-planet, Alderaan. While Alderaan was home to forests, woodlands, grasslands, and mountains, Andrakis was an arid world, containing merely deserts and canyons. Like Alderaan, Andrakis was subservient to the Galactic Republic and later to the Galactic Empire. In the early years of the empire, however, Andrakis fought for independence in an event what is now known as the Farm Wars.

The Farm Wars saw the Empire completely obliterating Andrakis' lone city; Andrak City. After which, the planet was abandoned and its structures were consumed by sandstorms. Andrakis was thereafter classified as a "ghost planet", a rare occurrence.

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