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This article is about the city in the Alternative Saga. You may be looking for other uses of the name.

Anchorhead Station during the Jedi Civil War.

Anchorhead Station, also referred to simply as Anchorhead, was a spaceport settlement on Tatooine. During the Jedi Civil War, Czerka Corporation used Anchorhead as their base of operations for their failed mining expedition on the planet. Revan visited Anchorhead while searching for the Tatooinian Star Map.[1]

Thousands of years later, Anchorhead Station became the capital of the planet, and it housed the planet's Hutt Cartel ruling forces. Colonel Deacon Darklighter was the military leader there, and he was charged with overseeing all imports and exports from the spaceport, as well as the security of the local economy of shopkeepers and stand owners. The outskirts of the city were populated by moisture farmers, such as the Lars family.[2]


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