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The Anchorhead Campaign, also known as the Badlands Campaign, was a military operation conducted by the Galactic Empire following several Tusken and Pirate raids on the settlement of Anchorhead. Fought in the outlying wastes around Anchorhead during the Galactic Civil War, the Imperials were tasked with clearing out Tusken and Jawa tribes, as well as various tribal Humans, and also destroying a large Black Sun operation in the Anchorhead Mountains. Within six months, the Imperials were successful, and numerous Black Sun pirates, including their leader Dak Lanat, were captured and shipped off to Imperial spice mines.

It was the first military campaign of the Corellian officer Halvar Adderon, who received fame and recognition for the swiftness of the operation and light casualties. She would later be charged with leading the majority of the Imperial Expeditionary Forces within several sectors of Tatooine until she fell in the Battle of Douz Outpost to a Rebel raid.

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