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Amro Sabaat was Jedi Knight who eventually became Sith Lord known under name of Amro Greed or Darth Greed. He was one of the most smartest Jedis that ever lived in the galaxy and son of Jedi Master Ran Sabaat and brother of Jode. Because of his curiosity he would start studying Sith artifacts, holocrons and medallions. In 305 BBY he went on mission with his brother Jode and other fellow Jedis and their padawans to return Medallion of Ar La'Uhl which was stollen from Sith Lord Pann Leov. Jedi forces attacked Leov's settlement of planet Amagro and successfully defeated his forces. In final combat the Jedis managed to defeat Lord Leov with great losses. After Amro and his fellow Jedi friend Ekna Bipiit entered the room where the Sith hidden the medallion, Bipiit opened the chest with medallion and after Amro saw the light coming out of it he took his lightsaber and slained the Jedi surrendering himself to the Dark Side. He placed the medallion around his neck and entered the room where was the rest of the crew. He attacked them and killed a big number of jedis that day. Only three jedis managed to escape and that were Jode, Jedi Master Allinka Niko and her padawan Tilo Bis.

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