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Amran Shunwi (7 BBY - 60 ABY) was a Human and one of the last Jedi Masters of the New Republic era and one of the first of the New Jedi Order era. He is mostly known for having been a Padawan of Luke Skywalker, and for the training of the legendary Gray Jedi named Terak Morven.


Early years

Amran Shunwi was born in 7 BBY on Yavin 4. His father, Orthold Shunwi, was a Jedi Knight who disagreed with the Jedi Council and decided to leave Coruscant in 22 BBY, before the Clone Wars. Orthold then established himself and his famiy on Yavin 4, where he educated his only son all by himself. His wife Alana, Amran's mother, died giving birth to their child.

Learning the ways of the Force

Orthold created a very specific and unique type of lightsaber combat called the Shun Raak. He also had a very particular view of the Force, and taught his son both Jedi and Sith doctrines. Amran was then left to chose what side to be on by his father.

At age 8, Amran told his father he emphasized the Jedi vision over the Sith one. Orthold explained that he expected him to choose that side of the Force, because "light feels better than darkness". However, he told Amran that there was no "right" side of the Force.

Amran then learned that the Force was all about balance. Neither side had to be the best, because neither of them could ever bring balance. In numerous ways, Orthold secretly agreed with the Gray Jedi Code, although he never taught his son anything about it, besides the concept of "balance".

At the death of his father in 14 ABY, Amran, left alone, chose to keep learning the ways of the Force on Yavin 4. Aged 21 at that time, he discovered a hidden hologram of his father that revealed the location of a droid built by Orthold a long time ago, REC-5. The reasons behind the mystery surrounding the droid remained unknown to Amran for more than 40 years.

When Amran found REC-5 in the trunk of a tree on Yavin 4, he realized that the droid wasn't functioning at all. The young man then proceeded to rebuild the droid, thanks to what his father taught him years before. REC-5 then recognized Amran as if it always knew him. Thanks to the droid, Amran managed to get more holograms of his late father, who had anticipated his death to let his son's training continue.

REC-5 lead Amran through a predetermined series of tests on Yavin-4 that his father had implemented in the droid. At the end of the final trial, Amran found a yellow lightsaber crystal. REC-5 then taught its young friend to build his own lightsaber. The droid became Amran's best friend and kept on educating the young man.

Padawan of Luke Skywalker

In 15 ABY, the legendary Jedi Luke Skywalker started to roam the galaxy to rebuild the Jedi Order, or at least to find some subjects capable of learning the ways of the Force and prevent the Sith from reemerging.

That year, he stopped at Yavin 4, a planet which he knew a lot about. And that was where Luke met Amran, whom he described as a "very intriguing and unusually skilled individual". At first, he didn't reveal his true identity to Amran. The main aspect that drew Luke's attention was the way Amran fought with a lightsaber. The Shun Raak combat style had never been seen before, and Luke was definitely impressed with what Amran was displaying.

Luke then introduced himself and asked Amran if he would agree to join him and rebuild a new Jedi Order. The young man, in shock, explained that his father's lessons didn't see the Jedi Order (just like the Sith Order) as an organization capable of bringing balance to the Force. Luke explained that, in a way, he agreed with his father's views and that the former Jedi, while good, unfortunately weren't what the galaxy needed to live in peace. Luke said that he wanted to build a "new breed" of Jedi, inspired by the past but not designated to live and die by it. Convinced by Luke's reasoning, Amran agreed to become his Padawan.

Following this, Amran left Yavin 4 with Luke and REC-5. He then began to travel with this legendary Jedi Master that he admired almost as much as his father. Along the way, Luke recruited several apprentices, including his nephew, Ben Solo. Luke and his team of apprentices then went to an ancient temple where their training would keep going and end.

Betrayal of Kylo Ren

Around 28 ABY, after years of training with Luke, Ben Solo turned to the Dark side of the Force and betrayed his uncle and his fellow apprentices. Aside from Luke, only Amran and two other apprentices managed to survive. However, Luke hid the survival of those three apprentices to let their new enemy think he was the last Jedi alive.

Instead, Luke secretly sent Amran and the two others apprentices in three different planetary systems so they can recruit new Jedi and prepare for an upcoming war. Luke told them that he would dedicate the rest of his life to draw the First Order's attention towards him, hoping that he would find some people to join the war along the way. Lozar Coltra and Ealon Frost got sent away to explore different systems. Luke had made it clear that the apprentices wouldn't be allowed to communicate, except with the New Republic itself, in order to protect their lives in case someone finds out about their survival.

The Foreign Republic Crisis

Establishing the Foreign Republic

Amran was therefore sent in the Stonehold system. Sadly, in his first years there, he didn't find anybody capable of becoming a Jedi. To enhance the influence of the Jedi mentality, Amran managed to contact the New Republic, who sent a large number of intellectuals and scientists known as the Column.

The main planet of the system, Shazarus, was where the Colomun and Amran first established themselves. Soon, most of the society had embraced their teaching, and the Column founded the Foreign Republic. This entity wasn't a political structure, but rather an independent institution with no power over the Stonehold populations.

The emergence of the Independent Legion

But of course, a large part of indigenous people started to beware of the influence of this Foreign Republic. Most people felt like Shunwi and his peers were there to extend the New Republic's territory. In response to such a situation, the dissenting indigenous people founded the Independent Legion (shorthened "The Legion") and decided to arm themselves.

The Crisis

Facing a possible danger, Amran managed to get an army of 30,000 men from the New Republic. Their commander in chief was Erik Malson, who worked with Amran hand in hand. But with the arrival of the army, the Independent Legion became more and more scared and requested the departure of the army and everyone else, including the intellectuals and Amran.

Soon enough, several planets of the Stonehold system were overwhelmed by the insurrection of the Legion. Malson and Shunwi had to deal with this very difficult situation. While having kept control over Shazarus, the Foreign Republic struggled to maintain a peaceful climate in other planets.

On Veylon-II, the Legion swore allegiance to a very charismatic and dangerous individual, a Faleen named Kentalo Karobick. Kentalo took control of the whole planet, and inspired others to join his fight.

Those events became known as the "Foreign Republic Crisis".

The quest for the Crystals

Meeting with Darth Numor

The situation in the Stonehold system captured the attention of an ancient organization. While on Veylon-II examining the situation, Amran felt a strong perturbation in the Force. Something, or someone, extremely powerful, had entered the Stronghold system.

Shunwi left the planet to Malson and a battalion of troops, and followed the source of the mysterious power. The track led him to Taelen, a remote planet at the outer limits of Stonehold.

Taelen being a planet with a very hostile environment, Shunwi didn't give up and kept going after the perturbation, before ending up in the depths of a mountain. As he went deeper, he could feel the perturbation get more and more powerful.

At the heart of the mountain, Amran found a strange, dark-hooded figure. He understood that the figure was the source of the perturbation in the Force. It was manipulating an intense source of light and fire, which seemed to be a lightsaber crystal. It turned around and Shunwi faced a scary, devilish masked individual. The man immediately told Amran that he knew he was a Jedi and that the Stonehold system interested an organization which he was a part of. He stated that there were too many things for Amran and the remaining Jedi to understand in the Stonehold system, and that the crisis was just a foretaste of an even greater cataclysm. Despite demanding an explanation, the man didn't allow Amran to keep following him and said he had already seen too much. The man yield a red lightsaber...

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