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The ambush over Kessel took place in 21 ABY. It marked the beginning of the Grey Brotherhood War.


The fight began when the Imperial Fleet of six Star Destroyers and one Interdictor Cruiser dropped out of hyperspace and fired upon the two Baroonda Consortium CR90 corvettes that were in-system at the time. They both launched their fighters, twelve in all, in an attempt to send for help, but only three of them got through. These T-Wing fighters then jumped into hyperspace, and made it to Baroonda within 12 hours. The Fleet was alerted, and sent two Skipray Blastboats to Kessel to look for the CR90s. However, upon arrival, one of them was captured, and the other barely escaped. The one that got away reported that one CR90 was disabled and captured, and the other was destroyed. Thus, the Ambush over Kessel helped to kick off the war in the Consortium's favor, because they knew where the Imperials were, and the Empire didn't know where they were.