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Sir Amaani Wisté, the "Shield of the Freeworlds", was a male Human Jedi Knight of House Pelagia during the New Sith Wars.


The only son and heir of Lord Lezascan Wisté, Amaani was trained in the Force by his father. While he was still an adolescent, Lezascan took Kobold Baliss as a second Padawan. Amaani and Kobold trained together and grew close; by adulthood they were best friends and frequent companions. While both were Jedi Knights, but before they came of age, they participated in the Battle of Tallaan. Amaani was neither the only nor the senior Jedi present, but his father's influence earned him a command, and he successfully repulsed three separate attempts by the Kard'ung Pirates to flee into the heart of the sector. Amaani risked his own command ship in the process, earning him the nickname "Shield of the Freeworlds" from the populace of the Freeworlds Territory.

Lezascan and his wife worked with Sir Vinton Kaivalt and his wife Cyndobel to arrange a marriage between Amaani and Kaelora Kaivalt. Amaani and Kaelora fell deeply in love during the process, and Amaani proposed soon after they came of age at thirty. The two planned a wedding for late 1,385 BBY.

During the first days of that year, a band of Jedi who had survived or missed the Battle of Eriadu took refuge at Inimă Eserzennae, House Kaivalt's ancestral home, where they began plotting to assassinate Vedya Gasald. When Tirien Kal-Di and Raven Kaivalt appealed to High Lord Chiron Brascel, he permitted the Pelagia Jedi to participate without commanding it. Amaani and Kaelora found themselves on opposite sides of the issue—Kaelora refused to go, while Amaani and Kobold both pledged to join Lezascan in going. Over the next weeks, while Amaani trained with the Jedi strike team, he and Kaelora kept in touch rather than let the mission come between them.

Despite the discovery that Gasald had been tipped off to their arrival, the strike team reached the Kiss of Death and made it to Gasald's throne room, but Amaani was horrified to learn his father was the traitor, and Kobold had known of the betrayal. Rejecting his father's attempts to justify his actions as a means of protecting the Tapani sector, Amaani launched an attack on Gasald. She knocked him down with Force lightning once as a warning, but when he continued his assault, she unleashed stronger dark side powers on him, killing him.

Kaelora sensed Amaani's death from thousands of light-years away; his death, along with the loss of her brother Gaebrean to Kobold Baliss's blade, broke her heart. Amaani's body was destroyed when the Kiss of Death exploded.

Powers and Abilities

Amaani Wisté, like all Tapani Jedi, specialized in Makashi; his fellow Jedi considered him an above-average swordsman, even allowing for Makashi's focus on lightsaber dueling.

Appearance and Personality

Amaani had his father's brown hair and receding hairline by age thirty-one. He was tall for a Human at 1.88 meters, and muscular enough that many onlookers mistook him for a Form V specialist.

Born and raised a noble, Amaani believed that nobles deserved the privileges they enjoyed, but drew a hard line between that and disregarding the value of the commoners' lives. He also believed his nobility obliged him to serve and protect the commoners entrusted to his care, and he willingly risked his life in that goal when necessary, such as at Tallaan. He was brave enough to challenge Vedya Gasald alone, though he was far out of his league.

Behind the Scenes

A friend and non-fanoneer reader of Sakaros's suggested Amaani Wisté's name; in Rukiga, "amaani" means "strength".


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