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Count Alucard was the son of Count Dooku. Alucard had a cane lightsaber that, if retracted, could be turned into a lightsaber. He could make it straight, as well as double-bladed and he could twist it into two lightsabers.


Early life

Alucard was born the son of Dooku, the Count of Serenno. This made Alucard a Count by birth as well.

Count Dooku Clone

Finding and utilizing the blood from his father using the Clone techniques that were used on Jango Fett, Alucard managed to make a clone of Count Dooku. He told this clone about his original life and Dooku managed to teach Count Alucard in the ways of the Force and how to use a lightsaber. His last and final test was to fight and kill his master, his father. Alucard succeeded at this but wanted to actually talk to his father like a father rather than a master. He mourned over this for days, and enraged, became a Dark Jedi.

Seducing Vlad Kreen

One of the last things that Count Alucard did was to try and seduce Vlad Kreen to the dark side. When he first met Vlad, he sensed some dark side energy in him, so he tried to find a way to bring that power out, and try to make him his apprentice and bring down the empire and make they're own galactic rule. He killed Vlad'sw Mother and Father with poison, and force-electrocuted his best friend to death. Vlad sensed that is was Count Alucard, a Dark Jedi whom he had only heard rumors of him actually existing but never believed them. He went to meet Alucard on Dantooine, but was stalled by many people who Alucard had hired. They kept reminding him of what Alucard had done, and locked him up in a dungeon for eight years before Vlad finally was so enraged that he killed them all, wanting to confront Alucard. After tracking him down on Dantooine, Vlad immediately went into duel with Count Alucard. After a long, long battle, Alucard finally overcame Vlad and tortured him until he was turned.

Fight with the Emperor

You'll have to go through Darth Vader first to get to me."
"Darth Vader is but your slave. I can easily crush his bones!

—The Emperor and Count Alucard

The Emperor electrocutes Vlad, weakening him.

After training Vlad in the ways of the dark side, Count Alucard went to confront the Emperor. Surprisingly, the Emperor did not care who they were, and let them in. After sharing a small exchange with each other, the Emperor called in Vader to take care of the two. Alucard ordered Vlad to fight off Vader while he confronted the Emperor. Vader soon killed off Vlad, but with the help of the Emperor electrocuting him so that he would be weaker. Vader was terribly injured, having only to watch as Count Alucard and his Master did battle. After nearly beating the Emperor, Count Alucard was stabbed through the chest and sliced up through his head by the Emperor, defeating him. The Emperor still denies that it was a challenge, but he and Vader both know that it was.

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