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Earthlike planet by dashadee

Alterra is a planet with earth like features

We can land on Alterra, it's type 1 and has a few supply ports scattered around, not to mention the little imperial activity.
—Cor Nut
Alterra was the only type 1 planet in the Terra system. It orbited the star known as Domiri IV. It is the setting for Knights of the Force: Darker Lights the upcoming first book in the Knights of the Force series.

Astrographical/physical/societal information

  • Region: Outer Rim
  • System: Terra System
  • Suns: Domiri IV
  • Orbital Position: 7
  • Moons: Selex I, Selex II
  • Trade Routes: Alterran run, Fusion runner, Terra stop off
  • Rotation Period: 22 hours
  • Orbital Period: 371 Alterran standard days
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