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Golden Age of the Republic

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Once you get to know her, you stop giving her respect because she's the daughter of the chancellor. As soon as you see her in action, you start giving her the respect because she earns it on her own.
—Senator Servius Valorum[src]

Alta Eddicus was a Human female from the planet Taanab, who served as a senator during the chancellery of her father, Anwis Eddicus. Born in 728 BBY to Anwis and Mai Eddicus, Alta Eddicus was raised in a family with a strong emphasis on moral values and planetary pride. She developed a strong relationship with her father and desired to follow in his footsteps after he became a senator. Following the death of her mother, Eddicus enrolled as a student at the University of Taanab, where she academically excelled. She then became an advisor to her father, on Coruscant, following her graduation. Using her intellect, diligence, and sociability, Eddicus gradually earned the respect of politicians and commoners of the Senate and Taanab alike. This earned her the opportunity to temporarily serve as the senator from Taanab upon her father's election to the chancellery. When the special election was held, Eddicus was elected with by the majority of the Taanabi people to serve. She became an important member of her father's inner circle during the Seswenna Security Crisis. Eddicus was severely injured in the terrorist attack on the Senate Office Building during the crisis but survived the blast.



Alta Eddicus was the daughter of Anwis and Mai Eddicus. Born on Taanab in 728 BBY, she was raised with a very close relationship to her father, a retired general in Taanab's planetary defense force. During this time, she closely observed her father as he deeply explored his beliefs and actions. As a result, Eddicus developed a sincere and contemplative personality with a polished belief structure. Mirroring her father, she learned various political and economic ideologies, as well as began to understand the basics of military procedure. By the age of ten, she was considered well-learned beyond her years.

In 718 BBY, Eddicus moved to Coruscant part-time when her father was selected to serve Taanab in the Galactic Senate. Not wanting to sacrifice her Taanabi heritage, the senator had his daughter educated on their homeworld, the family residing there during much of the educational year. When the senator was needed off-world, he periodically traveled alone, allowing the young Eddicus to continue experiencing life as a Taanabi. This, in addition to reinforcement from her father, caused Alta Eddicus to develop strong planetary pride and a desire to eventually serve as her father was so doing. The consistency in her education and personal life on Taanab further allowed her to flourish personally. Eddicus was very sociable in school and quickly made friends. She learned to use her charm and wit in interpersonal relations and gained many close friends. Still, she held liturgically to her core principles and never sacrificed what she believed to gain popularity or social status.

In mid–711 BBY, Alta Eddicus finished her education. Only weeks later, her mother fell ill and was hospitalized. Her father withdrew from the senate and both dedicated their time to tending to her. In spite of medical efforts, Mai Eddicus passed away, and the two surviving family members retreated to rural areas of Taanab to grieve privately. Alta Eddicus gave serious contemplation to her course in life and asked her father to allow her to travel to Coruscant with him upon his return. Grudgingly, he agreed, and the young Eddicus joined her father as he slowly reacquainted himself with the fray of Senate politics.

Entering politics

Having moved to Coruscant, Alta Eddicus began searching for a university to attend and further her education. Unsatisfied with the institutions on Coruscant, and equally missing the Taanabi culture and lifestyle, she traveled back to her homeworld after only four months. Upon returning home, she enrolled at the University of Taanab where she studied politics and economics feverishly. Desiring to follow her father's path, she dedicated her time to her studies and graduated with highest honor. All the while, she continued to make connections in the realm of politics, occasionally traveling with her father on diplomatic trips. She was also a personal advisor to her father when the Commerce Guild conspiracy was exposed in 707 BBY.

After graduating, Eddicus moved to Coruscant and began working full-time with her father as an advisor. She still spent about half of her time on Taanab, polling residents and speaking to local politicians. In effect, she acted as the local liaison for her senator father when he was unable to do so. Her intensity in service, work ethic, and strong political connections resonated with officials on both Taanab and in the Galactic Senate. As a result, she earned the respect not because of her family name but due to her own achievements. This, coupled with a strong ability to speak publicly, made her an effective representative in behind the scenes deliberations and in political speeches on Taanab.

In 704 BBY, Anwis Eddicus surprised political observers and was elected as supreme chancellor. To fill the seat vacated by his election, the Taanabi government quickly accepted the nomination of Alta Eddicus to the senate until a formal vote was able to be held. With the popularity of her father, and the promise of her young career, the people of Taanab elected Eddicus only months later to serve as their new senator. The new senator continued to be an active participant in behind the scenes discussions and arbitration, as her father had been, and took a position as a member of the Probitas pro populus faction. She also continued his passion for Taanabi affairs, shamelessly promoting her homeworld in the Senate. Unlike her father, however, she used charm and wit to advance her agenda, although not at the expense of her moral values.

Seswenna Security Crisis

Chancellor Eddicus reviewing security footage with Senator Alta Eddicus during the Seswenna Security Crisis

When the early stages of the Seswenna crisis came to light, Alta Eddicus was among five trusted senators that Chancellor Eddicus briefed. Although they initially only knew of the assassination of Senator Regueny of Commenor, Senators Eddicus, Valorum of Coruscant, Merian of Alderaan, Pilp of Duro, and Fraajic of Telos were briefed by the chancellor and Governmental Investigative Network Director Pelmar Aiden. As the depth conspiracy became revealed, Eddicus quickly became more involved, working side-by-side with her father as they discussed responses to the growing calamity. When the Senate Office Building was rocked by a bombing, Eddicus was in one of the corridors. She became trapped under a large piece of duracrete, crushing her legs. The senator was eventually rescued and transferred to a hospital. As a result of her injuries, she lost both her legs just above the knees. She later refused cybernetics and prosthetics, opting to remain largely chairbound.

Personality and traits

Alta is brilliant and beautiful. And, she knows it. She'll gladly use that against you if you underestimate her.
—Senator Zallen Fraajic of Telos[src]

Alta Eddicus was an intelligent woman who worked diligently and earned the respect of her friends and colleagues. As a young girl, she was very sociable and learned to use her charm and wit to develop relationships. At the same time, however, she developed a strong core of beliefs from which she never wavered. She championed Taanabi ideals, loved her homeworld, and valued the opportunity to serve her people when it was available. Yet, she worked mainly behind the scenes, in a similar manner as her father, excelling in private negotiations and brokering deals. As a result, she earned the respect of many people in politics. Unlike her father, however, Eddicus was a polished and eloquent public speaker. She had no difficulty speaking in front of the Senate or making political speeches to constituents. Whereas Eddicus was able to put forth a public front in this manner, she held a strong fear of loss. Having lost her mother at only age seventeen, she fought from becoming emotionally withdrawn with the death of Awa Moonflower. As the Seswenna Security Crisis continued to unfold, she became paranoid of losing her father.

Behind the scenes

Alta Eddicus was created by Aban Fiolli as another character in the Golden Age of the Republic series. Her relationship to Supreme Chancellor Anwis Eddicus was desired, because it offered a foil for the chancellor's character with regards to how the conspiracy was handled. The relationship was also created to bring a family dynamic to the Senate and its deliberations, providing a backdrop for yet-to-be revealed events.



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