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Alsakan Convention
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SithLeague3 Sith League


SithLeague3 Sith League

300px-Goldenloewe flag Byssian Empire

  • Trade agreement
  • Defensive alliance

The Alsakan Convention of 13 AFRE was the first encounter between the Sith League and the Byssian Empire, and marked the start of diplomatic negotiations between the two rising powers.

After discovering the Galactic Republic on Arkania, the Sith diplomatic fleet Reach of the Sith proceeded further south in exploration of the Core Worlds before encountering a Byssian Empire colony on Alsakan.

Unwilling to make the same mistake made during the Charros Convention, the 31-ship battlefleet sat off-station at Alsakan, displaying no signs of hostility or aggression, and initiated contact with the Imperial forces.

The Sith offered a trade agreement and a defensive alliance to the Empire, with provisions made for further negotiations if necessary at a later date. These terms were accepted and ratified by the Byssians in the historic Alsakan Accord.


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