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AlsaBanc, originally founded under the Old Alsakanese name Lae Banqae Alsaqanie, was an interstellar bank headquartered on Alsakan. It was the largest civilian bank on the planet, holding over ninety percent of all Alsakan accounts, and it also had offices on numerous worlds in the Inner Rim and Expansion Region that had been colonized by Alsakan settlers. The banking corporation was originally established by the conglomeration of several smaller banks to form one company, with the intent of competing on a galactic scale with Coruscanti and Corellian banking organizations. It was also a charter member of the Banking Guild and used this position to retain its independence when several Republic banks were forceably merged by the galactic government. It rebranded itself AlsaBanc after the Jedi Civil War as a show of galactic unity by dropping the Alsakanese name for a Basic-based name. Even after the Ruusan Reformation, many branches on Alsakan still retained the name "Lae Banqae Alsaqanie" in primarily Alsakanese-speaking or planetist areas.

Nearly three hundred years after the Ruusan Reformation, the AlsaBanc branch in city of Port Taormina was robbed by Avar Zranik, Hazar Tordana, and another accomplice. The heist was one of many across the Core Worlds, but it was the only one that resulted in multiple deaths inside and outside the bank proper. Two of those killed were the husband and daughter of Governmental Investigative Network Special Agent Evening Delwynn. The robbers were later among the principal conspirators behind the Seswenna Security Crisis, which Agent Delwynn was charged with investigating. This resulted in Delwynn having to return to the Port Taormina branch.


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