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Alora was a female Twi'lek, apprentice to Tavion Axmis. She was active during the Disciples of Ragnos's quest to resurrect Marka Ragnos. She was later redeemed by the spirit of Tavion Axmis and killed herself to prevent her from turning to the dark side.


Early life

Born in 17 BBY, Alora was raised by her family when the Galactic Empire ruled the galaxy. At a very young age, she discovered that she can float things, seeing that she was force-sensitive.

Resurrecting Marka Ragnos

After the defeat of Desann, Alora and her master, Tavion planned to move against the Jedi and resurrect Ragnos. Tavion taught Alora lethal skills in the dark side, focusing mainly on lightsaber combat and acrobatic techniques. She was later tasked to go to the Hoth and supervised the Imperials in their mission. Alora managed to send the information before Jaden Korr killed Alora's Sith Cultist. Alora was intrigued by Jaden's skills and taunts him to join the dark side. Jaden was angry that Alora betrayed everything she did as a Jedi and fights her. The pair fought a fierce duel but Alora realized she couldn't gain the upper hand. Alora escaped when she kicked and injured Jaden to the ground, and left him to be spared. Alora decided to wait and fight him again if he was able to release his anger and turn to the dark side.

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