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Allura Drayneen was a Force-sensitive female Human member of the Imperial Inquisitorius who was born on the Colonies world of Yir Tangee. Early in her life, Allura aspired to pursue a successful career as a medical practitioner. She eventually took the opportunity to make her aspiration a reality and attended the Academy of Medicine on Byblos where she trained towards becoming a doctor. After graduating from the academy, Allura became a medical trainee within the Galactic Empire.

After causing a foul-up during her posting on Denon, Allura was sentenced to incarceration at an Imperial prison on the Outer Rim world of Dathomir, eventually becoming the facility’s medical supervisor after her sentence had ended. During her time on Dathomir, Allura’s medical knowledge was exploited by the prison’s Chief Warden, Garis Lorvan. Lorvan coerced Allura to work for him as a torturer, forcing her to submissively carry out his orders regardless of her initial misgivings.

When an Inquisitor by the name of Lyon Olof took control of the prison in response to incursions by Nightsisters, Allura was subjected to interrogation when Olof believed that she was an undercover Nightsister agent. After her potential was realized, Allura was ultimately convinced by Olof to become a member of the Inquisitorius herself. Following the completion of her training at the College of the Inquisition, Allura worked as an interrogator at the organization’s command center on Prakith.

Years after her induction into the Inquisitorius, Allura took part in an operation to eliminate a suspected terrorist faction on the world of Dakshee. Working with an Imperial Intelligence major known as Orem Ducat on behalf of Governor Gerald Weizel, the terrorist ringleaders were eventually identified, though they were subsequently killed in a purposely botched arrest attempt. Following the end of the assignment, Allura was chastised for not undertaking her duty to a satisfactory level.


Early life and medical careerEdit

Allura Drayneen was born on Yir Tangee in the Colonies Regions and grew up during the waning days of the Galactic Republic. Her ultimate ambition was to persevere towards a successful career in medical care, hoping to become a doctor. After choosing to leave her home planet, Allura attended the Byblos Academy of Medicine where she was placed under the tutorship of a Mon Calamari Professor known as Nasgi Afi. During her time on Byblos, Allura studied towards becoming a doctor and showed much eagerness to succeed, though her idealistic attitude often conflicted with the views of the more experienced and pragmatic Nasgi Afi. Afi often criticized Allura for her idealistic attitude, stating that it would merely distract her from her job and hold her back from becoming a more successful doctor.

After graduating, Allura was immediately contacted by representatives of the Galactic Empire who offered to employ her. Attracted by their offer, Allura accepted and was recruited into Imperial Intelligence where she worked and trained towards becoming a medical officer within the organization. There, Allura received a considerable amount of training to ensure that her medical knowledge was up to the high Imperial standards. Despite her eagerness to succeed throughout her early career, however, Allura received assignments that she regarded as undesirable, eventually being stationed at one of the Intelligence Bureau’s divisions on the world of Denon. Dissatisfied with what she saw as a meaningless posting, Allura felt as though she deserved a more desirable assignment due to her performance; therefore, she became somewhat jaded by the requirements of her chosen profession.

At some point during her posting on Denon, Allura was invited by some of her fellow graduates to a small celebration after a long shift of work. Due to forgetfulness, however, Allura overlooked the fact that she was on standby for emergency duties at the time. By sheer coincidence, Allura was unexpectedly called back on the same night of her celebration after a fuel tank exploded in the mid-city levels of Denon which resulted in thirty-nine casualties. After hastily making her way back, Allura was required to quickly prescribe a dosage of painkiller for the injured victims. Due to being rushed back on such a short notice, as well as being moderately inebriated, Allura was unable to concentrate properly. As a result, she accidentally prescribed an incorrect dosage and was consequently responsible for the deaths of seven injured patients who could have been saved had they been given the correct dosage.

After realizing the consequences of her mistake, Allura became mortified by the incident and was disgraced in the eyes of her superiors. Although she knew that the foul-up might have inevitably ruined her medical career, at the time, Allura felt more shame over the fact that she had caused a significant amount of harm due to a simple error. Following the incident, Allura’s superiors perceived her actions as a show of inexcusable incompetence and negligence; therefore, she was scheduled by her superiors to be demoted and discharged from her posting within Imperial Intelligence and to be relocated from Denon. Due to her mistake, Allura was also sentenced to serve seventeen months of imprisonment, eventually being dispatched to an Imperial prison located on the Outer Rim world of Dathomir.

Working on DathomirEdit

At some point during Allura’s incarceration, the Chief Warden of the Imperial prison, Garis Lorvan, offered to abbreviate her prison sentence on the condition that she worked for him within the facility and followed his orders. Allura accepted Lorvan’s proposal and became the medical supervisor of the penal complex. Despite this, she became dejected by her reassignment and regarded it a disaster. This was not only due to the conditions that she was forced to work in, which she found particularly grim and forbidding, but also due to the slim likelihood that she would ever advance from her position; it shattered her hopes of a successful, prosperous livelihood. Despite her disillusionment, Allura concentrated on working as diligently as she could without becoming distracted, hoping that with time she would gain enough favor with her superiors to get her career back on more encouraging tracks.

During her occupation on Dathomir, Garis Lorvan perceived Allura’s medical expertise as an opportunity to further his own goal of subjecting some of the prison’s inmates to interrogation sessions. With little choice other than to comply with Loravn’s instructions, Allura became a compliant servant of the warden, who frequently called upon her knowledge when conducting interrogation sessions involving the usage of torture. In particular, she was instructed by Lorvan to modify the programming of the facility’s medical droids, thereby allowing them to conduct torture on her subjects. By using her medical knowledge to inflict pain on some of the prisoners during interrogation sessions that were overseen by Lorvan, Allura was forced to break her medical oath to “do no harm,” though she ultimately did so regardless of the uncertainties that she initially harbored, feeling as though she had no alternative.

Even though she was initially reluctant to undertake Lorvan’s orders, considering them unnecessarily cruel, Allura gradually conceded to the warden’s coercion and became less unwilling to conduct torture on the prisoners, ultimately doing so without feeling as much remorse. In addition to harboring less guilt over the betrayal of her medical oath, she also began to feel less shame over her fateful blunder on Denon. With this, Allura’s feelings of regret developed into bitterness; she began to feel as though she did not fully deserve her demotion. Believing that she had reached a dead end in her medical career, Allura became very fearful of losing her posting on Dathomir, despite not being completely satisfied with it. Overall, she became willing to carry out Lorvan’s orders, doing so without question; not out of loyalty, but solely for what she perceived as the benefit of keeping her job as a medical practitioner.

Discovery and recruitmentEdit

At some point during Allura’s time on Dathomir, a member of the Imperial Inquisitorius known as Lyon Olof arrived at the prison in response to a number of furtive incursions on the facility by indigenous marauders. These marauders were later identified as a group of native Force-sensitives called Nightsisters, a splinter group of the Witches of Dathomir. Following the discovery of a Nightsister encampment, Olof proceeded with a squad of stormtroopers, hoping to personally eradicate them. The Nightsisters, however, managed to overwhelm most of the squad, forcing Olof to retreat after he was critically injured during the skirmish. When Olof was rushed back to the prison’s medical clinic, Allura oversaw the Inquisitor’s treatment, assigning a number of medical droids to take care of his injuries.

Following Olof’s recovery, Allura began to notice the Inquisitor’s growing wariness towards her, despite the concern that she exhibited over his only partially-treated injury. Unknown to Allura, Olof’s suspicions were caused by her own Force-sensitivity, due to which he began to connect her to the Nightsisters he had encountered in the wastes of Dathomir. To her bewilderment, Allura was arrested and physically restrained in preparation to be interrogated by Olof personally. During the interrogation, Allura was questioned thoroughly on various aspects of her life. Even though she was mystified by Inquisitor Olof’s distrust, she nonetheless answered all of the questions that were given to her, though she omitted details about her role as a torturer. It was due to this that Allura grew nervous under the Inquisitor’s scrutiny and found it difficult to remain confident during the interrogation session.

After giving her statement, Allura was accused by Olof of being a Nightsister spy. Confused by Olof’s accusation, she firmly denied it, though the Inquisitor was unconvinced by Allura’s denial and employed a more forceful technique in order to clarify the suspicions that he harbored against her. By using his abilities with the Force to invade her mind, Olof hoped to pry the truth from Allura by scrutinizing her own thoughts. Though she was unable to fully comprehend what the Inquisitor was doing, Olof was able to look deep inside of Allura’s mind, pinpointing her memories. To Allura’s relief and Olof’s disappointment, he was also able to confirm that she was not a Nightsister agent. Due to the intensity of the procedure, however, Allura was left exhausted and was forced to spend some time recovering.

Following her recovery, Allura was approached by Olof once again, who claimed that he regarded her as a suitable candidate to become a potential Inquisitor, explaining her latent connection to the power of the Force. In actual fact, Allura was merely deemed by Olof as someone who could be easily molded into an effective agent of the Galactic Empire, particularly due to her role within the Imperial prison as a torturer. Hoping to gain favor with his own superiors by recruiting a prospective new member, Olof presented Allura with the offer of joining the Inquisitorius, though she was initially uncertain about the proposal. In response to her reluctance, Olof used his recently gained knowledge about Allura’s past to his advantage, making his offer look like an attractive option in an attempt to convince her.

After being presented with what she perceived to be an opportunity to pursue a potentially more successful career, Allura was taken aback by the proposal, though despite Olof’s urging, she chose to spend some time contemplating her decision. After returning to her work within the prison, Allura remained uncertain, constantly brooding over her medical career and the offer given to her by Olof. Having considered the offer, she became fascinated by the prospects of accepting, but also doubtful about whether it would have been worth abandoning her profession as a medical practitioner that she felt she had worked hard to attain. Ultimately, Allura was swayed into believing that joining the Inquisitorius would have been more rewarding than her life on Dathomir; after much contemplation, she eventually came to her final decision and accepted Olof’s offer of joining the Inquisitorius.

The InquisitoriusEdit

After being put through a rigorous selection process, Allura was admitted for training and inducted into the College of the Inquisition. With the tutelage of various Inquisitor teachers, Allura was taught about the principles of the Inqusitorius, a secret subdivision of Imperial Intelligence that consisted of agents who were trained to utilize the power of the Force. In addition to learning about the various responsibilities that she would undertake within the Empire, she was also taught about her latent connection to the Force and was trained to use its power to her advantage in her new role. After much intensive instruction and preparation, Allura’s tuition at the College of the Inquisition was deemed complete. Having completed her initial training, she became an apprentice within the organization’s retinue and served at the Citadel Inquisitorius on Prakith, working mainly as an interrogator.

At some point following the completion of her training, Allura’s abilities as an interrogator were eventually noted by her superiors within the upper echelons of the Inquisitorius. Feeling as though she had made a good enough impression to rise up the ranks of the organization, Allura’s superiors sought to properly evaluate her strengths and weaknesses by testing her; therefore, she began to spend much time earning general field experience under the apprenticeship of a number of fully trained Inquisitors. Over several months, Allura performed various tasks, including surveillance missions and intelligence-gathering, occasionally being called upon to provide support in the interrogation of prisoners. Having gained what was regarded as an acceptable level of experience, Allura managed to attain the full rank of Inquisitor, becoming one of the few women within the Galactic Empire to have done so.

Assignment on DaksheeEdit

Sometime during her career as an Inquisitor, Allura was assigned to the Colonies world of Dakshee. Ever since Dakshee’s occupation by the forces of the Galactic Empire, the planet had become known within the Barma sector for exhibiting much agitation against Imperial law and regulation. This was emphasized by a number of bombings that were frequently conducted on Imperial military installations within the planet’s capital city. Due to this, it was suspected that Dakshee may have harbored an organized anti-Imperial terrorist faction that was involved in the undertaking of these numerous bombings; therefore, Allura was sent to assist Gerald Weizel, the governor of Daskhee, in an operation to root out the alleged terrorist network. For the duration of the mission, Allura worked in conjunction with Orem Ducat, a major within Imperial Intelligence who acted as the senior advisor for Governor Weizel.

Throughout her time on Dakshee, Allura found herself at odds with Major Orem Ducat, who exhibited much distrust for the Inquisitorious and was unwilling to cooperate with her as a result. Regardless, Allura commenced her assignment, increasing the number of patrols around the capital city of Dakshee with hopes of pressurizing the suspected terrorist faction into revealing itself. Within one of the city’s main districts, a patrol unit managed to foil a bombing attempt on an Imperial checkpoint, resulting in the arrest of several suspected terrorists members. At some point after Allura’s arrival at the scene, however, Orem Ducat and his own officers immediately claimed custody of the prisoners and placed them under interrogation, hoping to discover the identity of whoever was giving them their orders.

Even though she was not involved in the initial questioning, Allura assisted the intelligence officers by modifying the programming of their own interrogation droids to ensure that they undertook their functions with more efficiency. Even after being exposed to various methods of coercion, however, the prisoners still refused to divulge any information. Realizing that the terrorists would have become more vulnerable to persuasion following their initial interrogation, Allura intervened. Utilizing her own newly gained aptitude with the Force, she hoped to induce the prisoners through empathetic interrogation, exploiting the previous ordeals that they were subjected to. After spending several hours questioning the terrorists, manipulating their feelings through the Force in an attempt to gain their trust, Allura successfully managed to coerce one of them into willingly confessing the needed information.

It was determined that several of the planet’s trade union heads were secretly ringleaders for a terrorist organization known as the Justice Action Network. Immediately after obtaining the information, Allura prepared a warrant to authorize the incarceration of the ringleaders, who resided within Dakshee’s trade centre building. Unknown to Allura after she had prepared the documents, however, the arrest team were given incorrect information by Orem Ducat, subsequently raiding the trade centre building under the impression that the ringleaders intended to retaliate, resulting in the eventual execution of all personnel within the building. The massacre was later covered up under Major Ducat’s orders, who fabricated a false identity known as “Brella Temior” in order to openly place responsibility of the terrorist threat on the Justice Action Network and to throw support in favor of the Galactic Empire.

After returning to the Citadel Inquisitorius, Allura reported the overall outcome of the assignment to her superiors, who were satisfied by how the situation had been resolved and impressed by her overall performance. Despite this, they also exhibited disappointment over the fact that she had been unable to take the ringleaders into custody herself. In response to this, Allura claimed that she had planned on arresting the terrorists, but was unable to because of the lack of cooperation from Major Orem Ducat, whom she believed held a grudge against the Inquisitorius and deliberately had the leaders eliminated to prevent her from taking them into custody. Despite Allura’s attempts to explain her side of the affair, however, she was reprimanded by her superiors, who believed that she was merely making excuses.

Personality and traitsEdit

Throughout most of her life, Allura Drayneen was known to have harbored an aspiration to advance herself by pursing a career that she regarded as worthwhile. As a result, she possessed an idealistic outlook on her life and consequently became discouraged when the choices she made did not proceed as she desired. During Allura’s time as a medical student on Byblos, Professor Nasgi Afi regarded her as a very naïve individual, believing that she had a tendency to become distracted by her own imaginings of success to the extent where she would overlook potentially serious issues. During her time on the world of Denon, Allura’s absentmindedness inadvertently caused her to commit negligent manslaughter, an occurrence which led to her demotion and ultimately hindered her medical career.

After her relocation to Dathomir, Allura became committed to her duties to the point of complete submissiveness, complying with the orders given to her by Garis Lorvan, despite not agreeing to them completely. Due to her fear of further blemishing her medical career, Allura was reluctant to disobey these orders and willingly betrayed her medical oath to “do no harm” purely for the sake of her job. Wishing to retain her reputation, she also had no qualms about lying in an attempt to conceal these past actions, which showed when she was interrogated by Inquisitor Lyon Olof. After accepting Olof’s offer of joining the Inquisitorius, Allura considered the admission her last chance to pursue a successful career and had confidence in everything that she was taught at the College of the Inquisition.

As a result of the disappointment and frustration that she experienced over her medical career, Allura developed a fear of failure which caused her to become lenient and trusting in situations that required her to act assertively. During her assignment on Dakshee as a member of the Inquisitorius, Allura grew frustrated by Orem Ducat’s lack of cooperation. Rather than confronting him about it, however, Allura tolerated Orem’s attitude and was confident enough to believe that he would become more obliging after she had proven herself to be proficient. This lenience backfired when Orem instigated the massacre of the terrorist ringleaders without consulting Allura in advance. Allura’s superiors later criticized her lack of assertiveness and claimed that it would hold her back from her potential.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Allura Drayneen was Force-sensitive and possessed a form of empathy which allowed her to sense emotions. Throughout her medical career, it was because of this ability that Allura exhibited an aptitude for understanding the feelings of others, due to which she had a particular skill for persuading other individuals to trust her. Allura, however, did not understand the true nature behind this ability and consequently lacked any control over it; she sometimes became overly curious and concerned about the feelings of others and was occasionally distracted from her medical duties accordingly.

As a member of the Inquisitorius, Allura was trained to make the most of her potential with the Force as an interrogator, a role that she ultimately specialized in. After completing her training at the College of the Inquisition, Allura began to develop a technique which allowed her to manipulate her subject’s feelings through the Force. Ideally, it was intended to make her subjects more open to suggestion, giving Allura the opportunity to earn their trust and obtain valuable information from them by making them believe that she was actually on their side. During her assignment on Dakshee, Allura utilized this ability and successfully verified the identities of the Justice Action Network terrorist ringleaders.

Behind the scenesEdit

Allura Drayneen was created by the Star Wars Fanon wiki user known as Nacen in March 2009. The author based the character on the pre-existing canon character Drayneen, who originates from the Rebellion Era Sourcebook, a supplement to Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game. The sourcebook provides information on material from the era of the original trilogy Star Wars films.

During the development of Allura Drayneen, the initial intention of the author was to create a completely original Dark Jedi character set during the time of the Galactic Civil War, as opposed to basing it on a canon character. However, after spending much time researching the dark side organizations of the Galactic Empire, such as the Inquisitorius, the author eventually decided to expand on the small amount of information within Drayneen’s canon article on Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki. The author intended to retain specific traits of the canon Drayneen, such as her ability to acquire information from captured prisoners and her unpopularity with Imperial Intelligence.

The author derived the character’s first name from the word allure, meaning the power to attract or entice. The name was intended by the author to reflect how Allura was constantly attracted by dreams and imaginings of success throughout her life. The name also reflects how Allura attempted to entice her subjects into trusting her when interrogating them.

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