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I will bring peace and order to the people of the galaxy, whether they like it or not.
—Allister Arcturus to Rei Hawk, circa 191 ABY.

Allister Arcturus, also known as the Golden Wolf, was a Force-sensitive Human male who served as the founder and first emperor of the Arcturus Empire. Born into the prestigious House Arcturus, a noble family with a long history of martial duty, he was the eldest of five siblings born to Grand Admiral Viggo and Professor Tansha Arcturus.

Prior to the on-set of the Third Imperial Civil War, Allister served the Fel Empire as Lord Commander of the Imperial Knights and the ace commander of Vanquish Squadron. He was also a close friend of Rei Hawk and lover of Lyla Skywalker, both of whom were major allies during his campaign to restore peace to the inner-galactic regions during the Core Wars. After the arrest and subsequent death of his father on Coruscant, Allister defected from the Order and formed the Imperial Reformist Movement then, after expelling the Emperor's forces from the deep core, founded the Arcturus Empire.

As Emperor, Allister sought to achieve his ultimate goal of bringing an end to all wars in the galaxy and creating a lasting age of peace. To do this, he was convinced by Grand Vizier Amadeus Hokk to employ increasingly heavy-handed tactics, particularly in areas still loyal to the Fel dynasty.

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