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This alliance shall become the bane of this galaxy, and I will be sure to verify that the entirety of it will bow before us.
—Darth Spitea

The Alliance of Spite, sometimes called the Empire of Spitea, was an dictatorship formed by Darth Spitea after she saw the need to create her own empire once she saw the weakness in the Sith Empire. Spitea, in a lust for power, traveled to Korriban and gathered several strong Sith acolytes to join the ranks of her newly-founded alliance, with a single, solemn goal: to rule the galaxy from within. This empire of Spitea's was led by a ruling council, and herself, whom she trained personally.

Spitea's empire was eventually fragmented with the arrival of the Eternal Empire in the galaxy, which also led to the alliance ultimately locking into combat with them, before a final confrontation on Zakuul, which killed much of the alliance's members, including Darth Hateon - a member of the council. After the Eternal Empire was defeated, the Alliance of Spite was founded again in 3631 BBY, and Darth Hateon was replaced by Spitea's lover, Darth Inflictus.

After Spitea found the unknown planet of Skornia, she disappeared, and Inflictus went in search of her. Meanwhile, the Alliance of Spite was led by Darth Kiran and Darth Deanus alone, although their conquest of the galaxy came to an abrupt stop by 3621 BBY, when word that Darth Inflictus had died in combat against Jedi in an attempt to get Spitea back to the Vengeful One, the empire's headquarters. Darth Spitea did return under the guise of a Sith apprentice, to see what her dictatorship had turned into, although she was enraged when she found out they had stopped their attempted conquest. She massacred everyone, and disappeared once more, never to return.

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