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The Alliance Army was the ground force of the Alliance of Free Worlds military. After the Galactic Federation Triumvirate broke apart in 252 ABY, the Triumvirate Army was reorganized into the Alliance Army, though the successor was much smaller as many members became part of the Imperial Army of the Dark Empire. The Army primarily used guerrilla and defensive tactics against the numerically and often technologically superior Imperials.


The Triumvirate Army have lost many soldiers and weapons, technologies and vehicles, all to their nemesis, the Dark Empire. Therefore, the Army had lesser amounts and qualities of weapons under their possession than the ones of the Imperial Army.

Though, since the creation of Hutronian military vehicle factories, after they've joined the Alliance, and as a mark of their new allegiance to them, the Army have been getting numerous new ground transports of all kinds. This, apparently, lasted for a long period of time, then eventually till the end of the war as the Dark Empire never discovered the existence of Hutron because it was concealed from them by Alliance Intelligence agents. Ever since, the Alliance Army had greater transports than before, although they never surpassed the amount and quality of the Imperial weapons.



Because great part of the Triumvirate Army walkers fell in the Dark Empire hands with the conquest of Kuat, the Alliance Army used vehicles produced by other manufacturers, like the CEC BT-33 assault tank and the Aratech 90Z speeder bike.

Soon, when Hutronians joined the Alliance, the Army possessed newer and greater vehicles manufactured by them. Such as, the Heavy Assault Armored Transport, the Environmental Terrain Armored Transport, Zachran speeder bike and the Boulder-class Heavy Assault Tank.

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