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I want to go home. I don’t know anybody on Coruscant. Mother is a Jedi and if anybody tries to hurt me she can hit them with her lightsaber.
—Allana to Prince Isolder in 37 ABY

Allana Djo was the daughter of Jacen Solo and Tenel Ka Djo. She was born in 31 ABY, two years after the end of the Stellar Imperial War, on the planet Hapes. She was the second in line to the Hapan throne, behind only Tenel Ka herself.


The first six years

Two months after Allana was born, her father left Hapes to return to Coruscant and the Jedi Order. Shortly thereafter, he quietly divorced Tenel Ka, although the two of them remained friends and had a good, though non-romantic, relationship with little strain. Allana grew up knowing that Jacen was her father but not having much contact with him, and as she was raised on Hapes, having little male influence was not out of the ordinary.

Although Tenel Ka remained with the Jedi Order as well and did what she could to further her training, both with the Jedi and with the Witches of Dathomir, Allana remained mostly unreceptive to the ideas that she should do the same. Ta'a Chume, Tenel Ka's grandmother, took a special interest in Allana, and showered her with gifts and tried to turn her against the Jedi, in the hopes that Allana would be pliable and be a possible route for Ta'a Chume's own return to power. This proved a good strategy, as Allana, as a child, wanted very little to do with the Jedi or Dathomiri and preferred the pampered life in the Hapan palace.

When Allana was six years old, Ta'a Chume attempted to poison the royal family (Queen Mother Teneniel Djo, Prince Isolder, and Tenel Ka) while leaving Allana alone. This was devised by poisoning a food item that Allana did not like and would refuse to eat. Allana would become the Queen Mother at age six, and Ta'a Chume was the obvious choice for a regent. However, Teneniel sensed something wrong with the dinner and sent it back. She had unknowingly ingested a fatal amount, but Tenel Ka, Isolder, and Allana survived.

Ta'a Chume was surprised when Tenel Ka took up the crown on her own, thinking that Tenel Ka would refuse. In order to protect Allana from Ta'a Chume's further influence and keep her away from the Hapan assassination plots, though, Tenel Ka pretended that Allana had also died from the poison, while secretly sending her away to Coruscant to live with Jacen. Allana tearfully agreed to go, although she gave her mother and grandfather a hard time about it.

The secret princess

Jacen Solo lived in a small two-bedroom apartment on Coruscant, near the Jedi Temple, with his younger brother, Anakin Solo. When he saw the news that Teneniel and Allana died, he was heartbroken and drank himself into a near stupor. Then Isolder arrived at the apartment with Allana, much to their surprise. Tenel Ka had not told anyone but Isolder, to that point, that Allana still lived.

Allana cried and begged to be taken home, but Anakin was able to calm her down enough to convince her to stay. The first few days were especially hard on all of them, since Allana was not used to a home that was so small and where she would not be pampered by servants. Among other things, she ordered Jacen to assemble her furniture, then tried to trick Anakin into flying her back to Hapes when Jacen refused. Eventually, she adjusted a bit, although she was still spoiled.

She went to the Jedi Academy under the name Lannie Stonerunner, and she met Ben Skywalker, and Jaina and Zekk's two children, Nilla Solo and Verayan Solo. Allana grew to like the Jedi Academy and discovered that she, like her father, had a love for animals.

Han and Leia's thirtieth anniversary dinner, though, proved disastrous, with effects that would divide the Solo family for years to come. During the course of dinner conversation, the subject of Jacen and Anakin came up, and Han and Leia felt that they had lingering psychological problems from their earlier captivity and were poor guardians for Allana. Jaina disagreed with them, and the discussion became very heated. Jaina and Zekk were walking out just as Jacen and Anakin arrived, late because of an unforeseeable emergency at the Jedi Temple. Jacen tried to explain the situation to his parents, who threatened to take Allana away from him. He firmly refused to let them have her, and Allana insisted that she wanted to stay with Jacen. Han eventually let them go, but would not speak to them afterward.

Trouble on Hapes

Ta'a Chume grew tired of waiting for Tenel Ka to die, so she placed a three-million credit price on Tenel Ka's head, attracting some of the best bounty hunters in the galaxy. Her agents made the mistake of also hiring Ingvor Gord, who had light connections to Tenel Ka; Ingvor was Jaina Solo's sister-in-law.

Shortly before this, Allana left Coruscant to briefly visit Hapes with the other Jedi children — Ben, Nilla, Verayan, and Xander Horn. So at the time Ingvor warned Jacen about the impending assassination, Allana was already on Hapes.

Boba Fett arrived near the palace at the same time Jacen and his group did. They were in time to save the children, who were not primary targets, and Tenel Ka almost got away; she fatally wounded Fett and then ran to the safety of Jaina's intact ship. However, as Boba lay dying, he shot Tenel Ka, who was distracted from the danger by trying to help Allana into the ship. Tenel Ka was struck and she died immediately.

Isolder had re-married, and his wife Loralia became the new Queen Mother, much to Ta'a Chume's dismay. Jacen told Allana, then twelve years old, that Loralia's life was in danger because many nobles did not like her and Ta'a Chume might try to assassinate her. He explained to her that it would be best for her to go to Hapes and reveal her identity, then claim the crown as her own. Allana, now happy as a Jedi, refused; she would be leaving behind the only home she had really known in six years and lose the relationships she'd built. She also knew that it would be difficult for Jacen to go with her, as he had already left Hapes once, and even less likely that he would be able to bring Anakin, meaning that even if Jacen decided to accompany Allana, he and Anakin would be separated once more.

Allana desperately tried to bribe Ingvor to take her away to Dathomir, where she could hide until it all blew over. When Ingvor didn't succumb to Allana's attempt at a mind trick and would not be bribed or persuaded by usual means, Allana shot her with her own stun blaster and stole her ship.

She had left behind a runaway note, though, so it was only a few hours before Jacen realized she was gone. When they discovered that Allana had taken apart Tenel Ka's lightsaber and removed the rainbow gem, they knew that she had enough money to go anywhere she wanted, but Dathomir was the most likely place. Ingvor confirmed that she was going, and Anakin sped away to Dathomir to find his niece.

Allana barely made it to Dathomir with her stolen ship intact, and it was destroyed shortly after landing. She eventually found the Singing Mountain clan, and its leader, Augwynne, accepted her on a few conditions. Augwynne was Allana's great-great grandmother, and began to teach Allana a little bit about the powers of the Dathomir witches.

After a rival clan attacked them, Allana discovered that Anakin had been taken prisoner, because scraps of his clothing were found at the battle scene. She tried to get Augwynne to find and free him, but Augwynne said it was not the Dathomir way of life to do so. She grew even less receptive to the idea of rescuing Anakin when Allana failed to control her thoughts well enough to keep Augwynne from reading them and Augwynne suspected that he may have been part of the reason that Jacen did not stay on Hapes with Tenel Ka.

Jacen arrived next and chastised Allana for running away, but left the final choice to her, whether she would live on Dathomir or Coruscant. There was a fierce but short battle with the Nightsisters — several clans banding together against them. The witches were victorious and most of the Nightsisters died. Anakin broke free, and he, Jacen, and Allana returned home.

Jedi Knight

Five years later, Allana went through her Jedi Trials on Dagobah. During that time, she was faced with a decision regarding Hapes, when in the dark cave she was confronted by thousands of Hapans stuck in a burning arena who refused to leave. She took this to mean that she couldn't control other people, only herself, and that it was not her future to take the Hapan crown. She left it for Queen Mother Loralia and became a full Jedi Knight. Leia was present at the end of Allana's trials, as were Jacen and Anakin, but Han still refused to talk to his sons. Not until after the knighting ceremony did he speak to them, and even then their interaction was brief and cool, though not as cold as Han had been in the past.

During Allana's knighting ceremony, the Force ghost of Tenel Ka appeared to Allana and then to Anakin with parting words for each of them before vanishing into the greater Force. This gave Allana some closure and helped her move beyond her mother's death and embrace her own destiny with the Jedi.

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