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Is that an earthquake?
—An eyewitness near AT-VA field testing

The All Terrain Variable Artillery, also known as the AT-VA, was a prototype artillery walker developed around a century after the Battle of Yavin. The 'variable' term came from its ability to adjust its firepower and armament for various situations. The crime syndicate known as the Steel Legion would utilize a large number of these walkers during this era.


The AT-VA was loaded with a variety of dangerous ordnance which it could load and fire depending on the situation. Usually, it used standard energy bolts as ordnance.

  • Firestorm shells--these shells contained large compressed quantities of napalm, which created a raging inferno upon impact.
  • Quake rockets--these missiles contained pent-up seismic energy which generated small earthquakes upon impact.
  • Winter's Breath shells--these shells contained lots of Liquid nitrogen, which, upon impact, would freeze everything in a certain radius. Concentrated use of these shells could transform a lush environment into an arctic wasteland.
  • OMEN shells--these expensive and unique shells, upon impact, released a wave of energy which vaporized all organic matter in the vicinity.

Behind the scenes

The AT-VA is based on the GDI Juggernaut from the C&C series of games.

Also, the OMEN shells were taken from Goldeneye: Rogue Agent.

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