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An AT-PD being tested

Please tell they actually gave this version a hard drive.
—An Imperial officer upon being presented with a prototype AT-PD

The All Terrain Pacification Drone was an advanced Imperial military drone walker, used mainly by the elite FIST group. Standing at about fifteen foot high, it was equipped with dual Gatling cannons, missile launchers, precision lasers, and gas emitters. It was also capable of being produced in large quantities due to its simple programming, but this came at a cost. The AT-PD became notorious for initial models having very poor AI, resulting in countless cases of friendly fire and collateral damage during its initial deployments. Nonetheless, it excelled at simple tasks, and later models were given more advanced programming and more intimidating looks. Due to the various earlier embarrassments caused by the AT-PD, it was still only used by FIST, as rebel soldiers did not take it seriously. However, the newer models were quick to take advantage of this, resulting in several Imperial victories thanks to these. However, after Endor, the New Republic obtained the plans for the AT-PD, and as a result, the Empire began to decrease production. Nonetheless, AT-PDs still remained in FIST's arsenal by the time of the New Empire, although they were rarely deployed.

Behind the scenes

The AT-PD is based on the ED-209 droid of RoboCop.

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