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(Your talents are nothing to the power of the force )
—Ali Bazzoun

Ali was a Sith Knight who mainly used the light side of the force and helped others and he was thought of a disgrace to Darth Vader and Darth Sidious.


Ali was born on the Trans and like everyone on the planet, he was force user but during the civil war he went inside the forbidden cave thinking he heard noises but instead he got a vision and a red bladed lightsaber when he showed it to his family they thought it was evil and told him to get rid of it but he didn't want to thinking he had to have it to destroy the Equal Force Users (They thought everyone should be force users) and he told his family if you don't let me keep it I will leave, his family agreeing to banish him out of Trans Ali left fleeing to one of the moons.

Becoming a apprentice

While on the moon he saw 2 imperials and the infamous Darth Vader, Darth Vader sensing him went up to him and offered the chance to become his Sith Apprentice, Ali accepted the chance and started to train but he didn't need any training in the light but in the dark he had not mastered force lighting but after long training he had just about be able to do basic force lighting.

Becoming a Sith knight

While on a mission on Trans to get another force user to become a Sith he encountered his family who told him to leave, Ali refusing until he got a force user he attacked his brother in a duel, his family wounded after the battle of Neoshock castle couldn't fight, Ali using Ataru to fight his brother and after a long aggressive duel he found a chance to force lighting him and flee taking his body and after presenting it to Darth Vader let Ali become a Sith Knight


After Darth Vader told Ali that he had destroyed Trans, Ali attacked Darth Vader and using his force rage managed to stand his ground but yet he was defeated and had to flee, on one of the moons of Trans he encountered 20 force users that escaped Trans, Ali offered them the chance to become part of his Sith Army, They had no-where to go and accepted.

Attacking the Empire

Ali led his Sith army to the Death Star and started to help the rebels by attacking the Storm Troopers inside the Death Star 2, So the can get to the main reactor, Ali faced 2 force users and struck one down but got killed by another one, his Sith Army went in to a rage striking down anyone they could find but all of them got killed.


Ali is remembered by the Jedi for being a Sith in the light, even though he had created a Sith army he had stayed in the light.

Personality and traits

Ali was always a good kind hearted man but turned to a Evil Mean heated man when he was a Sith Knight.

Powers and abilities

Ali was a master of Jedi Mind trick, Force Push, Force Pull, Force Choke and Force Lighting

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