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The Algastra Woodland Incident was a discovery made by Jeramiah Tolkano, when he found the leadership meeting in the Algastra Woodland on the South side of Slokana.


Facing yet another failure after the Denaska Street Battle, Hannibal Warbird called a meeting of elite troops to figure out what the Warbird Separatist Imperial Remnant's next move would be, not counting on being discovered by Jeramiah Tolkano on a routine patrol of the area.

The Battle (However short it was)


In 14 ABY, Hannibal Warbird called a meeting between the most elite troops in his battalion, to see where to go next. He called the meeting in the Algastra Woodland, an isolated parkland in the South side of Slokana, not knowing if there were any patrols made by Tristchanian Imperial troops. That was his most critical mistake. He hadn't counted on Jeramiah Tolkano finding the camp.


The night of the meeting, Jeramiah and five other units were patrolling the Algastra Woodland, making sure that there weren't any Separatist activities going on in the area, as it had been a hotbed of activity lately for the group. He found a small camp of Separatist troops and advanced in on it, not knowing just how many troops there were. He called for the other units to surround the camp. He quickly came up with a plan to let one of his troopers walk in, cause some sort of noise to draw the enemy out of the tent, and surprise them with an ambush. As they got closer, they noted how many figures there were in the tent. A familiar voice could be heard in the tent, that of Hannibal Warbird. Tolkano gave the silent order to make the noise.

Over in five minutes

One of his men made a distracting noise that certainly drew out all of the troops, all 20 of them. They quickly fired at each other. There was a small exchange between the two sides that lasted around five minutes. Asuke Takanagamo set a few of the tents on fire with a Flamethrower, moving many of the troops after they realized that they had been surrounded by only six units.


The final shot that was fired in the small battle, was a concussion round fired by Jeramiah Tolkano. The shot flattened the entire camp, killing 17 of the 20 troops that were present in the battle. Gweth Taranak Deadmerit was critically injured by the round, losing some skin off her eye lid, and suffering a broken shoulder joint when the round hit her in the shoulder.

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