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Alexei Sudovencavic was a Human male from the planet Coruscant. Throughout his life he had many titles from a various amount of cultures. He was called Darth Nightmarous by the Sith, The Nightmare Man by himself and anybody in the mercenary business, The Black Saviour by the Black Rakata and The Destroyer of Worlds by the Rakata Elders. Others occasionally referred to him as the White One, though anyone who did so in front of Alexei would soon find themselves dead.

Alexei began his life being ridiculed for being an albino and was picked up from Jedi Master Kahn Perneppi to be trained in the ways of the Jedi. Kahn trained Alexei to the best of his ability, teaching him the dreamscape Force power, which Alexei was able to master. On his Jedi Knight trials, Alexei killed the woman he loved, Elen Troy on Dantooine and was then beaten near to death by his soon to be rival Kyle Reu. Kyle returned Alexei to the Jedi Council, who banished him from Coruscant and the Jedi forever.

Alexei then went to the Sith, where he was not ridiculed for a time. He was trained by the head of the academy, Darth Nax, a Quarren, along with five others. Their Sith Lord tests came shortly and Alexei's sent him to the tomb of Ludo Kressh, where he would uncover the dead Sith's armband. However, Alexei would not be made a Sith Lord, for he had taken too long to achieve his goal. The four who did get the title would later attack him, forcing him to kill them with his newfound dark manifestation of the dreamscape power, nightscape, and their own lightsabers. He would then be named a Sith Lord by Darth Nax, then killed the Sith Lord out of pure hatred. He took a Sith ship and began terrorizing the galaxy.

After a time, Alexei would find his ship getting caught in gravitational field and was forced down onto the planet Lehon. He was confronted by two native tribes, each giving him a different prophecy. The Elder tribe attempted to kill him several times due to their prophecy that he would destroy the galaxy, though the Black Rakata tribe thought he would be their savior and helped him. As such, Alexei slaughtered the Elder tribe and with the help of the Black Rakatans, repaired a large ship. With the Black Rakatans as his new crew, he took the ship and once again began his attempt to wreck the galaxy.

With the help of the Rakatans, Alexei invaded and wiped out the entire Sith academy on Korriban in revenge and attempted to do the same with the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. His ship was destroyed on Coruscant and he was killed by his old Jedi Master, who used dreamscape to put a nightmare into his mind. The nightmare was so terrifying that Alexei could no longer breathe and he fell to the ground, dead.


Growing UpEdit

Alexei was born to two normal parents, living normal lives on the busiest planet in the galaxy. Neither of them were Force sensitive and both of them looked normal. Strange thing was, Alexei was born an albino, no skin pigmentation and red eyes. His parents were confused as to how this was possible, how two normal people could have an albino son. They were not the smartest of people and had next to no knowledge about genes, and his father instantly suspected his mother of cheating on him.

After a year of non-stop fighting, his parents finally divorced and Alexei was forced to spend time in between them. This caused turmoil inside of him, as he thought he was responsible for breaking up his parents' relationship. He was afraid that he would do this to more and more people as he grew older, just because of how different he was.

His theory proved to be correct as he entered a local school and was harassed every day by his classmates because he didn't look the same. He was isolated and was dreading every moment that he spent on that world. However, one day, things started looking up during a routine inspection by the Jedi Council.


A young Alexei Sudovencavic

Kahn Perneppi, an old man with a long, gray mustache was doing his rounds, inspecting the schools for any potential prospects for the Jedi. It turned out that Alexei was very powerful in the force, strange again, as his parents were not, and he alone was selected from the class to go and train as a Jedi. Even still, the rest of the children shunned him as he left the class and the school forever.

Jedi TrainingEdit

When Alexei was presented to the Jedi Council, they knew that there was a distinct conflict within his mind. There was fear, a great deal of it to go along with the anger that had boiled up from his experiences at school. However, they felt that they would be able to correct what had gone wrong in his life and make him welcomed for the first time. They decided to give him the eldest and wisest of the masters, Kahn, to teach him in the ways of the force.

Kahn proved to be the right choice, for a time, as the anger and fear swelling in Alexei's head diminished quickly. He felt accepted for the first time in his life and was having fun. He had mastered the Jedi code quickly, showing an astounding aptitude for knowledge and was progressing well in force powers. So well, that Kahn, a master of the dreamscape power, decided to teach Alexei the power. It took years for it to be taught, as it is only a master level power, but Alexei soon got the hang of it and was able to create imaginary plains in people's minds.

Alexei was, at the time, being trained alongside a female named Elen Troy. Through their training together, he had developed feelings for the girl, though knew that he could not follow through on them due to the Jedi code. She, however, had no interest in him and like all the others simply viewed him as a weird person. This would not stop him from trying, however, as the two were sent off on a mission to Dantooine to find lightsaber crystals to construct their lightsabers from.


Do you... love him?"
"No, but he sure is better than you... *Screams*
"And you look even more beautiful with that stalactite through your chest.

—Alexei and Elen

The trip to Dantooine was awkward enough. Alexei would try to spark a conversation, though Elen, knowing of his infatuation with her, shut him down every time. It could not have been over soon enough for him when the ship finally arrived on Dantooine, just outside the capital of Khoonda. When the two of them left the ship, they were greeted by a handsome man who went by the name Kyle Reu. Elen immediately took a liking to him, Alexei could tell, though whether or not Kyle shared those feelings were unknown.

Playing the part of the helpful greeter, Kyle pointed Alexei and Elen off in the direction of the crystal caves. As they got closer and closer to the caves, Alexei could feel the power emanating from them, but it was a kind of dark power, as if something bad had happened in there at some point. That dark power had a strange affect on Alexei. His anger grew quickly and his jealousy for the feelings that Elen had for Kyle came to the surface and were waiting to explode out.

Traversing deep into the depths of the cave and fighting off hordes of kinrath as they went, Alexei and Elen finally made it to the center of the cavern which held the glorious lightsaber crystals. Alexei nabbed an orange crystal, one which shone with the glory of Haraq's suns. Elen took a light blue crystal from a stockpile right near the edge of a very large cliff. It was here that Alexei questioned Elen about her feelings for Kyle and for himself.


Elen Troy

With the truth revealed that Elen did not care for Alexei, he attacked her while her back was turned, pushing her off the edge of the cliff and onto a very sharp stalactite. This act essentially ended his time with the Jedi; cold blooded murder was not looked upon kindly by the Jedi Council. Knowing this, Alexei constructed his lightsaber immediately and made his way back to his ship, knowing the council was likely to take the crystal away from him had he not.

When he returned to his ship, he was questioned by Kyle, who said that Alexei had the stench of death upon him and wondered where Elen had gone. Alexei lied and said that she had been beaten by the kinrath, though Kyle caught the lie and attacked Alexei, savagely beating him to the point of near death. He then picked up the unconscious body and took the already input coordinates back to Coruscant.

Facing JudgmentEdit

For the murder of Elen Troy, Alexei Sudovencavic, you are hereby banned from Coruscant and the Jedi Order. Forever.
—Kahn Perneppi

Alexei came to, lying down in the center of the council chambers. He was wearing only the clothes that he wore beneath his robes and was looking up at his master's face. He could hardly see due to the beating that he just had, both eyes were nearly swollen shut. He struggled to his feet and bowed to his master, who was visibly disappointed. Turning around, he saw Kyle standing in the corner and shuddered at the thought of him. He had grown afraid of the man, and seeing him made him remember the terrible deed he had done to someone he cared for.

After a very brief questioning period, in which Alexei lied the entire time, he was banned from the Jedi and Coruscant for the remainder of his life. Kahn felt this was a generous punishment, for he still had hope for the exiled Jedi. Dejected once again, Alexei left and went off on his own, taking a Jedi shuttle off planet and cruising around the galaxy in his lonely misery for months. His ship had a small stock of food that could last him for a while, and a full tank of fuel that would last even longer.

Eventually, Alexei's shuttle ran out of fuel and he ran out of food, forcing him to crash land on the closest planet. In a strange turn of events, it was a planet that had been calling to him since the banishment from Coruscant. The darkest of all places in the galaxy, where all the evil went to gather and plot against all that was good and would ever be good. He took the ship in for a landing, right outside the Sith academy on Korriban.


Alexei walked out of his ship and looked up at the large stone doors for what seemed like eternity before they shook and opened, revealing four men dressed in black and holding red lightsabers. They had come because their sensors had picked up a Jedi vessel outside the academy, however once they saw Alexei they knew that he was a fallen Jedi. The taint of the dark side was heavy in his heart and his face showed features adherent to that of the Sith. The four Sith invited him inside to meet with the master of the academy.

The head of the academy went by the name of Darth Nax. He was a Quarren, which Alexei did not expect, though he welcomed it, feeling that he could possibly be another outsider. After a small questioning period, Nax agreed to teach Alexei the ways of the Sith and train him with the powers of the dark side. He was trained alongside five other humans, four of them male who were all eager to destroy the Jedi. Alexei felt like he fit in once again.

Alongside his fellow students, Alexei learned a great amount of dark side powers as well as the philosophy behind the Sith. He was able to cast lightning from his hands and choke people without having to touch them. Nax also taught the group an alarming amount of persuasive powers, as well as an ability which allowed them to understand foreign languages. For nearly a year, Alexei and his fellows got along perfectly well and were able advance their training to the point of no return.

Missions were eventually handed out to be deemed Sith Lords. Each of the six of them were given the task to venture into a tomb of a Sith Lord and discover something inside. The female, who was clearly lagging behind in the training, was sent to Dxun to examine tomb of Freedon Nadd on a suicide mission, which she obviously did not return. Alexei, meanwhile, was sent to the tomb of Ludo Kressh and discover the armband of Ludo Kressh.


Alexei attacks the shyrack

Alexei entered the tomb confidently and was able to make his way to the final chamber of the tomb with little to no difficulty. He did not disturb any bodies along the way and simply shut the rest of the visions out from his mind. In one chamber he was attacked by a rampage of shyrack, though he was able to take care of them with a little bit of force lightning. When he reached the last chamber, his worst fear was realized when he came face to face with Kyle Reu, the man who had nearly beaten him to death a couple of years earlier. Shocked, Alexei remembered his Jedi training and used the power dreamscape, along with his own dark side manifestation to rid the vision from his mind, causing the imaginary Kyle to drop to his knees and beg for mercy. Pleasantly surprised by his new ability, Alexei grabbed the armband from the tomb and left back for the academy.

Passing JudgmentEdit

You, who were so quick to pass judgment on me, condemn me, let me show you what you have wrought. You see the world through your eyes, now see it through the eyes of your worst nightmares!
—Alexei to the four other students

When Alexei had returned, he saw that the four other students that had also been sent off had arrived before him. They were all wearing brand new robes and were all holding something that had not belonged to them previously. He had assumed they were the items that they had gotten from the respective tombs, but he could not be sure. Approaching Darth Nax, Alexei was told that he would not be given the title of Sith Lord, as he was the last one to arrive.

Once again, Alexei felt dejected and went to his quarters where he would spend the next couple of days honing his powers and his new found ability of nightscape. Any guard that walked by the hall of his quarters would have short bursts of terror run through their mind as their rather trivial fears were shown to them for seconds, enough to make them retire for the day. With such a power, he was confused as to why he was not given the title of Sith Lord.

A few days later, Alexei chose to go meditate on the edge of the Valley of Dark Lords, clear his thoughts and hopefully get back on the right track of becoming a powerful Sith Lord. After an hour of meditating, he was visited by the four newest Sith Lords, his fellow students who had achieved the rank before him. They woke him from his slumber and taunted him with their new titles and vaunted powers. Alexei remained calm, and because of this, they collectively used force lightning on him at once, all the while calling him a freak. Alexei grew angry from being persecuted yet again and used his own force lightning to break away for a second, knocking them back off their feet. He got up and gave them a speech, before using his nightscape power to force them into their worst nightmares, something they couldn't escape from, then used their own lightsabers to decapitate them.


Darth Nax, before his death

Alexei then made his way back to the academy, all four lightsabers safely in his belt, and went to talk to Darth Nax regarding his status. He had every intention of murdering the ignorant Sith Lord, when he told Alexei that he had heard of the events that had unfolded and that he would now become a Sith Lord, under whichever name he wanted. Alexei accepted and Nax turned around happily heading back to his throne room, only to be interrupted with a lightsaber through the back of his head. Alexei had pierced the skull of the leader of the academy, then gave himself the name of Darth Nightmarous. Less than original, but true to form. He took his new title and left Korriban and the Sith, wanting nothing more than to bring havoc across the entire galaxy.

Revenge and a crash landingEdit

After leaving the Sith, Alexei went off on his own in the stolen Sith ship, traveling throughout the galaxy and destroying lives everywhere. He would rarely kill people, such a fate would be too lenient. Instead, he would trap them inside their worst nightmares for eternity, something that nobody short of a Jedi Master would be able to break them out of. They would die of starvation if nobody fed them and exhaustion if nobody put them to sleep. Alexei learned that his trick could be a very devastating power. People's worst fears were always easy to read, they were always present in the back of one's mind, ripe for the picking.

Alexei could never find anything meaningful to due with such a destructive power, however. He merely used it to toy with the weak and fearful, though that got tiring after a while. He needed to find a way to use his power that he would actually take pride in and enjoy greatly. He realized that the only place he could go to do such a thing would be on Coruscant. The problem was that he was not allowed on the planet, and in a Sith ship there would be no chance of getting there. He made his way to Nar Shaddaa, where he knew nobody would care why he was getting a ship.

Once he was there, he approached the local machinery expert and asked where he could buy a ship. It turned out that the man did not sell ships, only droids and droid parts. Alexei asked if he could borrow the man's ship instead, which was obviously refused. Aggravated, Alexei used nightscape to force the man into a nightmare, then ripped into his mind and took the location of his ship from him. He went and got it, then quickly made his way to Coruscant.

His plan had worked and he was able to get to the surface with little trouble. Just the standard scans and since his face no longer matched what it used to be like, they had no clue he had been banned from the planet. He went back to his old neighborhood, where he found the kids who had bullied him at a young age, well grown up and still discriminating against him in their secure group. Alexei simply shrugged off all their insults this time and put them all into a collective nightmare, one where they were constantly ridiculed by him and beaten within an inch of their lives for each second they were there.

RaKaTa PrImE

The Lehon crash site

Alexei was satisfied on Coruscant and was once again happy for the first time in a while. He left the planet with just as little trouble and began searching throughout the galaxy once again for some sort of purpose. After hours of traveling, alarms went off all through his ship and he lost all vital systems, causing the ship to crash land violently on the nearest planet. He landed on a beach where many other crashed ships were and was knocked out for hours from the impact.

The Rakatan ProphecyEdit

Our historians have foretold, that you, the bringer of nightmares, the black savior who was purely white, would bring us back into glory and destroy the galaxy. Side with us, destroy the elders, and we will help you achieve all your goals.
—The One to Alexei

It took Alexei several hours to come to and when he finally did, he realized his ship had caught on fire. He scrambled to his feet and ran out as quickly as he could, only suffering minor burns along the way. He realized he had landed on a beach and took a dive into the unknown waters, wanting to cool himself off from the intense heat that he had just faced. Following his short dip he laid out on the beach, using the force to protect him from the sun as he thought about what he could possibly to do get off this planet. He figured he might be able to salvage various parts from each of the ships to put together a functioning one, though the gravitational field that brought him down was still a problem.

He was ready to give up all hope when he realized he was not alone on the planet. He heard a native species speaking behind him and was able to understand the language thanks to the training he had received from Darth Nax earlier. They were having a conversation about the prophesied one, the dark one who was completely white. The notion of him being completely white was almost enough to make him approach the aliens and rip them limb from limb, but he instead decided to find out more. He engaged in a conversation with the aliens, learning that they were the Black Rakata tribe and that their historians predicted that Alexei was the one that would lead them back to prominence in the galaxy. They said that if he agreed to help them, they would give him transport off the planet and be his temporary crew. Not willing to pass up such an opportunity, Alexei agreed.

The Black Rakatan tribe wanted him to eliminate the Elder tribe from existence, saying that they threatened his well being. Obviously, he wanted to find out the truth in the whole situation and visited the Elder Rakatan tribe. They had another prophecy for him, though it was not nearly as inviting as the Black Rakatan prophecy. The Elders told Alexei that he would not only doom the Rakatan species, but would also destroy many planets in his long and vengeful life, going as far as to say he may become the most dangerous being the galaxy had ever known. They said his description matched the one in the prophecy completely and they would be forced to kill him.


The ship used by the Black Rakatans and Alexei

Alexei realized the two prophecies did go hand in hand, though he felt that the Black Rakatan tribe had gotten the part about him saving their race completely incorrect. However, since his life was being threatened, he had to side with the Black Rakatans and sent the Elders into a nightmare, where their culture was burned to the ground and nobody was left to remember them. While they were trapped, he took out his lightsaber and stabbed each one of them before taking what he could and heading back to the Black Rakatan tribe.

They told him that a spy had been watching his progress the entire time and were pleased to know that he had destroyed the Elder Rakatans. They took Alexei to a Republic Sienar Battleship, which had crashed about a hundred years prior. They had managed to repair the vessel to working condition and were now willing to help Alexei pilot the behemoth of a ship out of the sector.


Lord Nightmarous! You have returned to us at last."
"Yes... And I almost feel sorry for you.

—The head of the Sith academy and Alexei

Before they got off the planet, Alexei remembered that they would not be able to get far unless the ship was immune to the effects of the gravitational field that brought him down in the first place. The Rakatans knew precisely what he was talking about and left the ship, saying they had to disable it from inside a large temple. Alexei had seen it on his trip to the Elder tribe, but decided not to worry about it. Perhaps he should have.

The Rakatans returned an hour later with the field around the planet disabled. Without any orders, they all went off to separate parts of the ship as if they had planned what they were going to do if this scenario ever arose. Alexei was impressed so far and went to the controls. He really had no clue how to use the beast of a ship, so he put all his power into the force, shut his eyes and let it do it for him. The ship lifted off the ground and carried them off the god forsaken planet.

During the trip to nowhere, Alexei was able to convince the Rakatans that for the prophecy to come true, he would have to get revenge on all those who had wronged him in the past. Not wanting to forsake their savior, they reluctantly agreed and the ship made its way first to the barren planet of Korriban. Nobody living there had wronged him yet, but the faction had, and for that they all would pay. He had, however, grown to admire the structure that they were housed in, so he had no intention of bombing them. Instead, he landed in the Valley of Dark Lords and led the Rakatans out to the academy.

Nobody inside recognized him, but they could all tell he was hostile due to the fact that he was being followed by a horde of aliens with force pikes. What made it even more intimidating was that these were the same aliens that had killed the first Sith king in a war about 22,000 years earlier. The Sith all attacked Alexei at once and he responded with a huge burst of force lightning which through them all back. The Rakatans stormed out from behind him and rampaged through the temple, tearing up anything that moved with their weapons and leaving the temple a bloody mess.

The only one person who still lived was the new head of the academy, who could easily restart the Sith if given the tools to do so. Alexei had no need for that to happen once again and met face to face with this new Sith Lord, who actually did recognize him as Darth Nightmarous. He shrugged it off and delved deep into the Sith Lord's mind to find out his fear of retribution from the greatest of Sith in history. An interesting one, but easy to conjure up nonetheless. He used nightscape to put the nightmare of Freedon Nadd, Marka Ragnos and Exar Kun into the Sith's mind, all punishing him for bring the Sith into an age of futility. Alexei watched as the man rolled around on the ground screaming uncontrollably. Pleased with his work, he left with his Rakatan crew in the ship and had even bigger plans this time. They were going to bring terror to Coruscant.


I'm sorry I have to do this, Alexei, but you have fallen too far. I should have severed you from the force back at your trial.
—Kahn Perneppi

Alexei led the towering ship through the galaxy and eventually making its way to Coruscant. He had a plan to destroy the Jedi Temple so that all his revenge would finally be complete. The children who had bullied him were gone, the Sith on Korriban were gone for a time, and now to defeat the Jedi. They had outcast him worse than anyone before, not only banning him from their order, but going as far as to ban him from the planet they resided on. Such an act was not going to be tolerated by him, and they needed to see the error in their ways.

His plan did not include the Rakatans; he simply wanted them gone from his presence. Even though they were his crew, they were just becoming a nuisance and he wanted nothing more to do with them or their prophecy. The plan was to have them begin to bombard the planet's surface from the sky while Alexei took the only dropship down into the Jedi temple to take care of the Jedi Council. The Republic would surely react quickly and destroy the ship and along with it, the Rakatans. He would have to steal another ship, but taking something big around the galaxy drew too much attention anyway.

The plan started out well enough, the Republic let him through the orbital barricade since his ship still had a Republic signature. He then got into his dropship and made a landing on a ledge just outside the Jedi Council chambers, then waited for the all clear to go, which would signal once the Rakatan ship got blown to smithereens. The Rakatans didn't do all that bad, however, taking out a healthy portion of rural area, likely killing many innocent civilians. The Republic reacted quickly, as planned and the ship was blown up by a surface to air missile turret. Now he just had to kill the Jedi Council.

He hopped out of his ship and ran in through the side window of the council chambers after shattering it with his lightsaber. However, instead of the entire council being there, it was only his old master Kahn Perneppi. Kahn explained that he had heard of Alexei's exploits, making people pay for their sins by facing their worst nightmares, that Alexei thought he had made his own power from dreamscape. He explained that it was dreamscape all along he was using and that he would show him the truth.

Kahn used his superior mastery over the force to make Alexei see a nightmare, his worst fear. He was back on Dantooine, murdering Elen Troy once again, and again being beaten to death by Kyle Reu. This time, however, he was beaten to death. The shock of being killed in his mind seized Alexei's heart and he could no longer breathe. He fell to the ground and laid in the middle of the council chambers, killed by a power he thought he had invented.

Post-mortem and legacyEdit

Despite everything that he had done in the past, Alexei was given a Jedi's funeral. Kahn had set up the cremation service just outside the Jedi temple. Few people attended, though Kahn and his worst enemy, Kyle Reu both did to see him off into the force. Alexei did not get any recognition from anywhere else, nobody would know of what he did in his past, nor would they know that he ever existed. Kahn and Kyle would never pass down his story and he simply faded into nothing as time went on.

His legacy would go far, though nobody would know it. The deed that he had done, destroying the Black Rakatan tribe on Coruscant, would prove to be the undoing of the entire species. Since the Elder tribe had also been killed, the species was nearly entirely dead, save a few stragglers who stayed on Lehon. When Darth Bane visited the planet around 1,000 BBY, it was completely devoid of life. Alexei was responsible for wiping out an entire civilization, his one greatest accomplishment.

Besides destroying the Rakatan species, Alexei's only other accomplishment was destroying the Sith inside the academy at Korriban. It would seem that at that point, some of the most influential Sith were in the building and following their deaths, the Sith struggled to recover. The Dark Lord of the Sith had to work harder than any before him in order to get more students to fill the academy once again, but by the time he did, he had died of old age and there was nobody strong enough to replace him. Again, a great deed done, but nobody knew who was to blame or congratulate.

Personality and traitsEdit

Alexei was one of the most evil people that anyone could ever meet. His mind was completely id ridden, only wanting the base things in his heart. He wanted the women, and when he couldn't get them, he would kill them. He wanted revenge against anyone who had ever done anything to him and would go to any length to get it. He would tear up an entire civilization in order to get from point A to point B, if nobody was willing to stop him. He took joy in the suffering of other people, torturing them with their worst nightmares to make them see the faults in their own lives.

He was also very overconfident, believing that with his power and a small army behind him, he would be able to take over the capital planet of the galaxy. He didn't think that anybody would be able to stop him and that his power was completely unique, not to be copied ever again. He was proved wrong on both accounts by his old master, Kahn Perneppi, who was able to use his own power to destroy him while the Jedi took care of the rest of his army.

All of his bad personality traits are the result of something that had been done to him in his past. All of the ridicule that he had faced for being an albino or being weak or not fast enough forced him into a life of fear and hate and lead him to the dark side. It could be argued that he could have been a good person had it not been for intolerant people, but instead he turned into a sadistic monster.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Your power is nothing more than my own, my padawan.
—Kahn Perneppi

Alexei's greatest skill was his ability with the force. He had, in his own mind, created his own force power from one that had been taught to him years ago by Kahn Perneppi. He transformed the light sided dreamscape power into a dark manifestation which he called nightscape; a power which could bring the opponent's worst nightmares to fruition. Kahn proved Alexei wrong at the end of his life, however, as the dreamscape power was used to create a nightmare in Alexei which wound up killing him. Alexei was also a practitioner of the force lightning power and used it many times to clear out rooms of enemies.

Outside of the force, Alexei had minimal other talents. He had a small amount of skill with a lightsaber, choosing the form Niman as he knew he would rarely be using his lightsaber. He was also proficient with blasters, always keeping two Mandalorian heavy blasters at his side should he ever need them. He rarely got a chance to test these abilities, as he was always able to use his prowess with the force to get out of most situations.

Behind the scenesEdit

Alexei was being RP'd by Steve Young on TheStarwarsRP as the Nightmare Man, before the time jump. A plot was being set up between Steve and The Balance on the Star Wars RP, a feud between the Nightmare Man and the Midnight Man, Balance's character. Due to the time jump, this never happened. The Rakatan prophecy actually refers to Darth Vader. He was completely charred, leaving a completely white body inside the black suit. He also had the means of destroying the entire galaxy, though was persuaded not to by his son. The prophecy is not fulfilled by Alexei because he does not destroy the galaxy or have the ability to.