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It's so funny you guys think you have a say. I happen to lead NOVA, and I'm obviously so much better than you.
—Alex Talis, explaining his reasoning for why he never listened to anyone and why he abused

Alex Talis was an extraordinarily powerful Sith Lord, and ruled ==NOVA==  as successor of Jakhall Jakagro, or Darth Jalos. He rose to be ruthless, fearful, and merciless, and often went on rampages. The High Council eventually had to force him to step down, as he was completely ruining NOVA from the scientific corporation it truly was.

Alex Talis' Reigning Over NOVA

Alex Talis revolutionized NOVA after he took lead. He ended many wars and civil disputes. He founded and utilized the Apocalyptic Sabers, which added to his significant power. Soon, he went insane. Left and right, troopers started to drop for no reason. Civil disputes decreased out of fear of Alex's Talis' unexpected wrath. However, you have to give Alex credit. His ability to deceive the entire NOVA corporation with a few emotionless words in order to keep himself in his grand position was very incredible. 

Alex Talis' retirement.

Alex Talis was powerful, but he couldn't control the entire NOVA corperation. Eventually uprisings occured. Alex Talis felt that he should retort into a NOVA civil war. However, he discarded that plan when he found out he was left alone. He stepped down publicly, with dignity. Hypith Prowis  took over. Although Alex maintained a very powerful position for some unexplainable reasons.

Alex Talis screwed himself over by following his power up by doing an unexpected promotion. He promoted Jaysmoothies123 to Co-CEO as he was apparently a trusted friend who was in the favor of Alex's rampages. A gigantic uprising began, and Alex was forced to leave NOVA without any dignity, being revealed to the hypocrite and pathetic person he truly was. He attempted to rejoin, but it ultimately failed.

Alex's Childhood

Alex was a pretty messed up kid when he was younger. Often times, on the weekends, he ran around nude in the streets. Then at night, he would castrate dogs and cats, followed up by throwing them off a building.When he went to (community) college, he had to sleep in his parent's basement every night. Although sometimes, he went to kid's game and acted stupid.

Alex's apprentice (please edit and remove message afterwards)

Alex had a very powerful relationship with his partner, apprentice, and possibly, life partner. They often spent time together, however, Alex had to spend long nights being strange, and they broke apart. Soon, they were only able to talk to eachother every few weeks.

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