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I was never a good person, but I miss the days where I pretended to be.―Alcor Bac[src]

Alcor Bac was the Human male Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic from 12,995 BBY to 12,987 BBY. Born on Alderaan in 13,054 BBY, Bac served in the Galactic Republic Navy Judge Advocate General Corps for many years before his service ended in 13,024 BBY. After leaving the Judge Advocate General Corps, he unsuccessfully ran for the position of elected Senator of Alderaan, losing to a politician he deemed to be corrupt. With the aid of criminals he solicited, Bac was able to end the Senatorial career of his former opponent by finding information about the man’s criminal conduct. Bac was appointed to take the man’s place as Senator of Alderaan.

In the years that followed, Bac served as the chairman of the Galactic Senate Armed Services Committee throughout the duration of the Alsakan Crisis, Senator Bac advocated a strong military response against the Alsakan Union after it took control of Coruscant in 13,000 BBY. He also warned the Senate about distancing itself from the Jedi Order, as well as putting too much faith in the military leadership of the Galactic Republic, as he felt that the military commanders were hoping to take control of the government.

Four years after the Alsakan Crisis ended, Bac was elected Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic, immediately pushing a policy of territorial expansion into the Mid Rim of the galaxy. He also created Sector 13, a covert intelligence agency that the galaxy-at-large did not know existed, in order to gain information on the remnants of the Alsakan Union, which was destroyed at the end of the war. His secondary goal was also to gain intelligence on the Hutt Empire, as the Republic had a tense relationship with the Hutts due to the Republic's expansion into the Mid Rim. Bac left office in 12,987 BBY after two terms and became a private citizen, retiring to Alderaan, before being assassinated in 12,978 BBY.


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