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War does not solve anything it only makes matters worse.
—Albeit at a Brotherhood of Loyalists meeting when ARC-17 proposed war as an option

Albeit was a Sloviakan born in 32 BBY was a Jedi who formerly served in the Galactic Republic along with his brother Zurchseas since the downfall of the Galactic Republic Albeit has formed a group known as the Brotherhood of Loyalists and now leads it.

He had a particularly scary appearnce due to his armor and cloak along with his weapons but in reality had a desire to do good for the Galaxy unlike Zurchseas who wanted to rule it instead of do good for it. He and his brother were both Jedi and were being trained by a Jedi Master named Rhadia who was also a Sloviakan. But during there training Zurchseas got a sudden desire to rule the galaxy Rhadia went to see how he got this desire but was killed by Zurchseas choking her to death her body was found by Albeit two days after her death.

The Galactic Republic then found Albeit just before the Clone Wars and offered to re-train him by a new Jedi Master Albeit then accepted. His new Jedi Master was Yoda who tought Albeit most of what he knew. He excelled in his training and was made Jedi Knight at the beginning of the Clone Wars he was one of the Jedi sent to Geonosis to help Obi Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala he was one of the lucky ones who survived the first encounter he was then put in charge of a squadron of Clone Troopers and showed his leadership skills for the first time. After the events on Geonosis he was made commander of a small group of ARC troopers called the Muunilinst 10 under the command of ARC-77.

During the first weeks of him co-leading the Muunilist 10 was difficult due to him and ARC-77 leading it there were often grudges between them argueing over who should be taking charge on each different mission they were given.

Who was that on the Comlink? was it our Jedi General?
—Albeit to ARC-77

When Order 66 was taking place Fordo was the one given the order to execute Albeit he refused and so did the rest of the Muuniist 10 saying that they had their own minds and didn't need others giving them orders meanwhile the rest of the Jedi were being eliminated.

After Order 66 he formed the Brotherhood of Loyalists with ARC-77 and ARC-17 and began to attack the Galactic Empire right up till its defeat at the Battle of Endor.

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