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Fear... Anger... Hatred... Pain... these lead to power. Power leads to victory. Victory leads to destruction.
—Alak Gandavis

Alak Gandavis was a Dark Lord of the Sith under the name Darth Rage and was also Emperor of the Empire of Rage.


Early life

Alak Gandavis was born a normal force-sensitive Human Male in 146 BBY. At the age of 1 1/2 he was found by Jedi Master Tara Latasha, and was about to be taken to the Jedi Temple when Darth Alar blew her ship to bits with his ship the Valour. Tara fought with Alar bravely while a young Alak stood and watched the fight from cover in the ruins of the ship. Eventually Alar overpowered her with a strong blow to her lightsaber, and as she dropped it, Alar grabbed her hand and beheaded her violently. He grabbed Alak and left.


Alak began his career as a Sith Lord early and at the age of 14 adopted the name Darth Rage. He soon began his operations in the name of his master. He eventually, with his master, formed the Galactic Triumvirate and conquered most of the former Seat of the Empire, including subjugating the leaders of the corporate sector, and gaining wealth and power with it. However, in 104 BBY Alak killed his master and formed the Empire of Rage and conquered most of the galaxy, including Coruscant


Shortly after the forming of his Empire, and going on his long conquest-spree he began hunting Jedi. After his botched attack on the Jedi Temple he began hunting all Jedi offworld. He was maintaining his blockade of Coruscant when Jedi Master Argen-Faa boarded his Flagship, a Vanquisher-class Star Destroyer and dueled him. Though he lost, he still cut off his left arm and right leg, he failed to kill Alak and soon fled. However, on their second encounter on Coruscant, Argen-Faa killed Alak by beheading him.


Alak is revered as the Conquerer of Fear, hated as Darth Rage, and remembered as Alak Gandavis, the child mixed up in the wrong place. Alak was a symbol of fear and power, and was used as a training program during a Jedi Padawan's trials, including Argen-Faa's son Sivas-Faa.

Personality and traits

Alak was a ruthless, heartless evil Sith Lord with no remorse or fear. It is what aided him during his conquest of the Galaxy. Merciless, he managed to strike fear in the Jedi at every turn.

Powers and abilities

He was an extremely strong Sith Lord who could kill a Jedi unarmed through brute strength. He was also incredibly skilled in Force use and an amazing duelist. He knew how to use Force Persuade, Force Choke and Force Lightning just to name a few. He could drain the life from a foe and could even fully remove force-sensitivity to a force-sensitive being on rare occasion.

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