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Aken Bosch was born in 971 ABY to a small, albeit relatively wealthy family on Bastion. His zeal for the Empire was unmatched, and he quickly went to the Imperial Academy in order for him to get into the military as a naval man. He passed his tests with relatively high scores and found himself assigned as the leader of the 185th TIE Fighter squadron. His ruthless war on piracy and human slavery rose him up the ranks to captain, and he was eventually given command of the(by now aging) Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer Royal Jewel to further his war on piracy. His attacks resulted in a 95% drop in attacks on civilian and military vessels by pirates and earned him the rank of Commodore.

This all changed when the Sith officially took over. Bosch was the target of an assassination attempt when an Imperial Knight-turned-Sith entered the Royal Jewel's bridge, cutting open the durasteel doors and lunging at the captain with his lightsaber. Bosch pulled his pistol at the man as he came ever closer, and fired, the resulting round removing the Sith's head as his corpse fell forward onto the deck, blood seeping across the floor panels. The few Imperial Knights on board who had not defected were clandestinely transferred to Alliance space as Bosch returned to what was now Sith space.

Receiving a message from one of the Sith who now carried a higher rank then him, he was formally transferred to the 5th Battlegroup, located deep in Sith Space and made up of modernized First Empire-era warships, failed prototypes, experimental craft, and other outdated or unused vessels. Bosch took this as a sign the Sith were placing him in a position where he would be a miniscule irritant to them, but instead, he chose to utilize his position on a relatively important quest: a study of the ancient past and what had caused the extinction of the Celestials.


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