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Don't listen to my di'kutla brother, his father and I, was a member of the True Mandalorians before he was killed during the battle of Ordo by the Death Watch. What does that tell ya if his willing join the very group that killed our father?
—Akaavi Darhas, showing her disliking to her brother's choice of joining Death Watch.

Akaavi Darhas was a female human Mandalorian Bounty hunter who fought during the Clone Wars. Akaavi was born on Mandalore, her father was killed by the Death Watch during Battle of Ordo during the Mandalorian Civil War, forcing her mother having raise her children alone. Akaavi when she was older, become a Bounty hunter, wanting get away from the New Mandalorians. But when she learned her brother joined the Death Watch, she almost just about disowned her brother from her family, she never spoke to him again for nearly 6 years.

When the Clone Wars began, Akaavi fought for the Galactic Republic due to her respect towards Jango Fett, she fought alongside both Clone troopers and Jedi for most of the war. Akaavi though would fall in love with a Clone Commando name Hedarr, Akaavi showed him a whole new life from just being a soldier, wanting to show him his humanity. Eventually when Order 66 was given, Akaavi helped Hedarr and his squad away from the Galactic Empire, taking them to Mandalore, where they eventually ran into Jrak Darhas, though it was tension, they eventually got along and helped Fenn Shysa rebuild the Mandalorians.

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